Saturday, 26 July 2014

Walking through IKEA

Last week I persuaded the Senior Partner to come for a walk with me through IKEA, it's that time of year when large "SOLDES" signs appear and you never know what bargains are to be had at Sale time.
I also wanted to replace the mattress toppers from our individual single mattresses and needed a guinea pig to lie down in the store and test them.

Stepping off the escalator you walk straight into new and trendy room settings.
As anyone who has ever visited an IKEA store knows it isn't easy to go directly to the department that you require since you have to follow the one way system through many sections to reach your destination.

Storage boxes and suggestions in all sizes and colours.
So, grab a coffee, cup of tea or your beverage of choice and come for a stroll through IKEA with me and see if I managed to get those toppers.

I really liked the look of this colourful kitchen/dining room but the SP wasn't keen.

This one was more to his liking, and to be honest I could be persuaded.

Kelims, carpets and rugs, I could spend ages just looking at all the different designs and patterns.

Isn't this a great way to display the variety of seat cushions available?

At last, the bedroom department.

Just 4 toppers to choose from and we decided on the second from the top: "SULTAN". To spare the SP's blushes no photographs were taken of him testing them out.
On the way to the self service check out we had of course to pass through the candle, glassware, kitchen utensil, office, gift wrap and garden departments.

Bright and colourful picnic wares.

Everything a girl needs for the office or craft room.

I need a gift wrapping station just like this one. A friend who lives in Dallas, TX has a small room devoted just to gift wrap!

Wouldn't this be a lovely outdoor place to sit with an aperitif and watch the sun sink below the horizon?

All that walking left him feeling quite tired so the SP takes 5 whilst waiting for our delivery to be brought from the warehouse.
Hope you've enjoyed your virtual walk around IKEA with me, today. I had planned on sharing the shopping trip when we got back home on Wednesday afternoon.
It was going to be my "What I Saw Today" weekly post.
However, a call from the Immobilier had us running around fluffing the house and tidying the garden instead ready for an early morning viewing the following day. No feedback yet from the clients so I'm not holding my breath.
Before you go, there's one last thing I'd like to talk to you about.
I was chatting yesterday with my very good friend Sarah @ Hyacinths For The Soul and she mentioned that lately she has been running out of inspiration for things to blog about.
Like me she has been blogging for several years now and has found that her blogging mojo has gone walkabout.
I shared with her an idea that I've had about maybe starting up a "What I Saw Today"  Linky party, a place where we can share with each other once a month what happened during that day.
Sarah liked the idea saying  "it makes it easy to come up with something about which to post".
It doesn't have to be a special or fancy event that you blog about - just show us what makes up "daily life" in your part of the world, as seen through your eyes.
Here's a link to my first "WIST" post in case you missed it.
Do you think it's a good idea, dear reader?
Leave a comment and let me know.
bon weekend a tous


  1. You have bit upon a great idea. We all get blogging or blog logged or just tired and bored. Anything to keep,us inspired and active. I will join in.

    We have Ikea here only it is a about 80 miles away and across Denver in heavy freeway traffic. We close once to the store. To me it looks like a very dangerous place to visit, especially when one has unfinished projects and big dreams.

  2. I live close to IKEA but I never go. I feel like I have too much furniture (old but plentiful). I liked looking around with you, though!

  3. Do you have an IKEA Family card - I love the fact that whenever we go [usually early Monday morning, our day off] the card means we can have a free hot drink and sit and read the newspapers before we wander round the store!!

  4. Oh my-- what wonderful displays-- makes me want to redo everything in my house!! It's so hard to stay focused in a place like that-- I want to buy it all!!
    Sending a hug to you and your sweetie--

  5. I think the What I Saw Today would be a great linky. Everyone runs out of blogging inspiration from time to time.
    I wish there was an Ikea on our island - it's a long expensive trip to go. But when we do get to the mainland I try to work in an Ikea trip. Great inspiration there.

  6. Maggie, we rarely go to Ikea because it is such a maze.
    Summer here is slow and lazy. Yesterday an estate sale with a few finds, and today a little road trip about an hour and a half east of here to attend an antique show. It was fun to get away, browse the show, have lunch, and meander back home. Antique hunting is always a good day!

  7. I do love IKEA. Our closest is about an hour away. But when I go, I tend to stock up! I think I need a truck!

  8. Yes, WIST would be a great addition to monthly blogging - although I have to admit I never really have a problem coming up with something to write about, haha! I just wrote a post on that!

    IKEA is awesome as long as one doesn't get carried away buying all the little pretties one doesn't really need - and who isn't trying to downsize these days? My last purchase there (fortunately our closest is in Charlotte so at least a day trip or a one night stay over) were linen duvet/pillow covers and I love them. Enjoyed the virtual tour with you Maggie - perhaps I need a road trip to Charlotte soon after all!
    I'm sitting here with bated breath wondering if you've sold - I know it's what you want but I'll be sad!!!

    Hugs - Mary

  9. I loved the tour with you. The countryside and towns are beautiful. I had just posted on my blog that I wasn't a good blogger and had lost a lot of my mojo this year. I loved your idea of a day in the life. I shall have to think of what I might add to the fun.


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