Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Walking along the lane recently I couldn't help but notice all the little cream and brown coloured butterflies flitting in and out of the ferns.

I stopped so long to photograph them that the SP & Fleur got tired of waiting and walked on, leaving me behind to snap away.

I was fascinated by the markings on their wings and the way the sunlight dappled on them creating shadow and contrast.

Perhaps it was the wild honeysuckle threading it's way through the undergrowth that was so attractive to them?

Getting back in the car I was amazed to see how high the mais is now, high as an elephant's eye!


  1. Morning, Maggie. Lovely walk along the lane.
    I like the phrase, " high as an elephant's eye." I need to remember that one.
    Enjoy the day, my friend. ~ S

  2. The butterflies are so pretty, and different from the ones we see here. Is the mais grown for human or livestock consumption?

  3. Maggie, I'm interested in that sign which translated is, 'den of wolves'. Have you been there and what exactly is it?

    Love walking country lanes. Our flutterbys have not been as prolific this Summer sadly - again I'm putting it down to the long cold winter was had - no hydrangea blooms, many other plants died, seeds didn't germinate well - and the butterflies and bees are few. Nature hopefully knows what she's doing.

    Mary x

  4. The flutter jus must have hatched all at once. I didn't get back to you on the zucchini. I like to marinate it in Italian dressing the put it on the grill, especially for the ones that grow too big. I used to make zucchini bread, but can't find my recipe. It makes a very nice sweet bread that you could serve with breakfast or afternoon tea. You can probably find a good recipe on the internet. I like

  5. It's been such a beautiful summer that I think mais is a little early here in Brittany as well. I don't like it when it gets so high and blocks the view, but fortunately this year, there's wheat in the field behind my cottage. It was lovely meeting you thanks to "tour of blogland"!


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