Monday, 24 November 2014

The Royal Yacht Britannia

One of the highlights of our recent visit to Edinburgh was a tour of the Royal Yacht Britannia.
The British Royal Family's floating residence for over 40 years
she is now berthed at Leith and has been voted Britain's number 1, 5 star, visitor attraction.

We traveled the short distance to the port of Leith from St. Andrew Square in the centre of  Edinburgh on a classic open top tour bus.  

The ships's bell; the yachtsmen's (yotties) quarters;  selection of Britannia's silverware collection; a State Banquet place setting
the Officer's Mess; colourful flags; Racing Yacht Bloodhound; State Banquet tablescape
the Bridge; the Engine room; Britannia's crest; all ashore!
Celebrating her 60th birthday this year Britannia truly ruled the waves
 carrying the Royals over one million miles around the world.
The perfect venue for hosting State visits, family vacations and even a Royal Honeymoon.
I'm sure you know which one I'm talking about.

HM The Queen's bedroom suite
Sir Hugh Casson designed Britannia's interiors and when visiting the state rooms you are instantly taken back to the 1950's. 
Tasteful and elegant, the interior design has hardly changed since then. 

Artful floral arrangement; the Royal sitting room; HM's private office

Racing Yacht Bloodhound.
Restored to it's former glory it is berthed alongside Britannia in Leith.

HRH Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer's Honeymoon Suite 
did you spot the photograph on the bedside table?

Click on the link to learn more about Britannia


  1. What a grand way to travel.

  2. I loved seeing these intimate interiors - but do you also have a pic of the yacht itself Maggie? Many people here probably have no idea as to her size, thinking more like a 'sailboat'!
    Anyway I'm interested in all your really good pics as my Teignmouth cousin's son was an officer on Britannia for several years prior to her retirement, he sailed with the Royals to many fabulous places.
    Bob and I also met (on Cunard's Queen Elizabeth a couple of years ago), a beautiful lady whose late husband was the Commander of Britannia for many years, and she shared stories of her visits aboard and meeting the Royals.
    I would love to get to Scotland again and be able to take this tour of the ship - meanwhile, again, many thanks for sharing so much in this great post.

    Happy week Maggie -
    Hugs - Mary

  3. The bus was a fun way to get to the ship. The interior is much simpler than I might have expected. Thanks so much for the tour...not likely to go there. Nice that they are finding a way to bring in some funds to support the royal family.

  4. Such a grand old boat! Thank you for taking us along on your tour. I found it most interesting. The staterooms look comfortable but not opulent. I like that.

  5. Fascinating, Maggie, and you have all the details I love! We really have an interest in the royals here in the states, so this was really enjoyable. A tour I would definitely take myself!

    Thanks so much for sharing your trip! :)

    Jane xx

  6. I've always longed to see the interior of Brittania and now a little wish is coming true. So many times I have seen it at sea in photos and news shots. But one never sees the inside. It is quite magical.


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