Friday, 23 January 2015

Pretty or Prosaic - Pink Saturday

We all love French Country style n'est pas?
My favourite French lifestyle magazine Campagne Decoration is an icon of all things stylish.

Then there's this, seen at my local home/garden deco store Castorama.

The colours are almost the same but I know which one appeals to me the most.
What do you think?
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  1. That's a great contrast. Quality shows in the materials as well as the colours, n'est-ce pas? Campagne Decoration is a magazine I look for every time I go downtown to our large bookstore. I don't often find it but snap it up when I do.

  2. What a glorious combination - and yes, I like the first better than the second, but I'm sure I could have fun with the plastic in the back yard!

  3. Maggie, oh, for the beauty of spring as I type this on a very gray, cold, wet day again here in TX. I've always like the combination of pink and green. So pretty!

  4. Looks like the pots are all ready to go....I pick the biggest one that is bright pink. It would be beautiful with a pink geranium.

  5. You have some very neat, and colorful pots. I like them in bright colors.

  6. I love lime green and pink, bright or muted! Both photos are wonderful and inspiring!

  7. I always lean toward pink, though this pink is a bit too bright. But certainly the photos get me in the mood to go to my own garden centers to see what they are showing. I will try to join the blog party. When I first started by blog, I joined a blog hop and met many new friends. I'd like to do it again.

  8. The bright color make you feel like you should get up and skip
    Do you live in Normandy France? If you do would mind if I e-mail with question.
    We have thinking of going on a tour of the battle fields
    Hope you have aHPS

  9. Such beautiful pots, don't you just love the bright colors? That magazine looks so wonderful.

    Happy Pink Saturday.


  10. Inspiring and delightful! Love those pink pots and the magazine collage. Happy Pink Saturday!

  11. Love that magazine! For some reason when I lived in North Carolina, my Barnes & Noble carried it. I love the punches of color. Just make me smile and look forward to Spring. :)


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