Thursday, 9 July 2015

Food shopping in the Marais.

Tamara @ Thyme For Tea launched the annual Paris in July event this week. 
For a very long time I was quite ambivalent towards Paris, 
as a Brit I couldn't really see what all the fuss was about, 
after all London is the capital of the world, n'est pas?
Hold on just a minute, I hear you cry! 
Since we came to live in the Calvados region of Normandy 
I have had the pleasure of visiting the City Of Light several times
 and have succumbed to her charms at last.

In 2010 the Senior Partner and I rented a charming apartment on Rue des Francs Bourgeois
 in the 4th. Arrondissement -  le Marais.

just steps away from the beautiful Place des Vosges.

First things first - breakfast and the SP is sent downstairs to bring back crusty baguettes,
crispy croissants and melt in the mouth pains au chocolat.

Can you imagine living above such an emporium of Epicurean delights?

After breakfast, time to "faire des courses" 
a mouthwatering selection of fruit and vegetables
found on the corner of Rue des Rosiers.

Schwartz's Delicatessen, 16 Rue des Ecouffes.

Shopping complete what better way to spend the morning is there
 than sitting at a pavement cafe watching the world go by?
Camille was a favourite of ours, 
 a wonderful bistro on the corner of Rue des Francs Bourgeois 
offering traditional dishes such as pot au feu.

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à bientôt


  1. How fun to have a chance to enjoy Paris with you. Just lovely.

  2. I love your post! What a wonderful adventure, and I love the photos!

  3. I absolutely love Paris. One can walk and walk and walk forever and always see something lovely. Coffee at the corner cafe is a delight for people watching. And when you tire of walking, the subway is so easy to navigate. Definitely hope to go back one day. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. Would love to visit one day! For now I'll have to live vicariously through your posts!

  5. Love your photos and visiting Paris through them!

  6. Did you hear the big sigh? Two good friends are Paris bound this summer, one in route as I type and the other in another week. I want to tag along! I can taste that pains au chocolat as I type. Ahhhhh!

  7. i would love to be in paris, i have never been. i would enjoy sitting outdoors in the blue cafe`!!!

  8. Lovely photos of the good life of Paris. They are different, but I love Paris and London both.

  9. London is still on my list of cities to visit, but I love Paris. Your food choices sound great, especially the morning croissant and pain au chocolat.

  10. I adore all your photos! I felt as though I was walking along the streets of Marais with you.

  11. What a lovely post Maggie, looks wonderful. Beautiful photos. Sounds great to be able to stay a longer time in Paris and rent a small flat. Hey, wait, I could as well I guess, since I am now retired and lives in Brussels! Alas, husband is still working...! Paris in July can't be totally wrong. I have to try it out sometimes.

  12. I would love to live there! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.

  13. I just love this post - Photo's of streets & cafes I've been to and love - on the other side of my world now. I dream of summery days of walking these streets and shopping in this beautiful City. Thank you for sharing your little visits to Paris with us... and I'm glad you find some joy there.

  14. Just spotted your blog by chance, but what a timely post! Fabulous! :-)

    Last year, hubby and I spent a few days in Paris, staying in the Bastille district. We discovered le Marais and loved it. The area around Place des Vosges is wonderful. Tonight, as I type, hubby is walking the same streets again on his museum trip, until I join him on Wednesday for Normandy. Can't wait! :-)

    Thanks for sharing.

  15. This would be so delightful.

  16. Great post. I had the opportunity to stay in the Maris last year- it is an incredible area to visit, with many great places to visit, see and amazing food to eat of course.

  17. I love the Marais and have spent many hours there. How fun it is to see your favorite haunts and wonderful photos. It makes me want to hop a plane right this very minute!


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