Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Slipping quietly into blogging again.

Hello friends, it’s me - dipping my toes gently back into blogland with a post touching on some of the things I’ve been doing since I stopped blogging in July last year.
Quite a lot of travelling went on during the hiatus. Some of the highlights.
In September we spent a week in a pretty little cottage on the outskirts of Malvern, Worcestershire, UK.
We visited the Morgan car workshop and marvelled at the beautiful handmade cars that they create there.

Mooched around antique shops, had cosy pub lunches and wonderful cream teas in riverside cafes and reminded ourselves just how beautiful our home country still is.

In October we returned to Halkidiki, Greece to celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary.

As a pre-Christmas treat we enjoyed a second visit to the Columbia Beach resort, Pissouri Bay, Cyprus where the weather was gloriously warm, such a treat after a cold and wet autumn in Normandy.

So taken are we with CBR that we went back again last month where spring had already sprung.
In the spaces between our travels life in Normandy moves gently along.
A surprise visit from a cousin and his wife was a treat, they loved our home so much they wanted to buy it but that’s just a dream of theirs for now.
Our Sunday walks are mostly taken on the beach these days, a favourite haunt of M’selle Fleur, the wide open spaces and the calming influence of the tides speak to my very soul.

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à bientôt


  1. It sounds wonderful, busy and fun! I'm so glad you are back on blog, though! It's good to see you again!

  2. You've been busy taking trips and enjoying life while away from blogging. So lovely to see a post pop up from you again. The handmade car is beautiful!
    We are going to be in Normandy this summer - we're taking a river cruise from Paris to the Normandy Beaches. I'm so looking forward to seeing this beautiful part of the world.

  3. Maggie, I was thrilled to see a message pop up from you this morning and then to see this lovely post on my sidebar. Welcome back, dear friend! Life with you and the senior partner appears to be good. I'm happy for you that travels take you to such beautifull places. Any chance that Hilton Head is in the travel plans for this year or next? Miss you! Hugs and love across the miles!

  4. Welcome back, Maggie! It looks like you and the Senior Partner have had some wonderful adventures! :) The Morgan is a beautiful car; I've seen one of those in our area, and my husband had to tell me what it was. ;) They're an eye-catcher, for sure. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and wishing you many more.

    Have a great week!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  5. Nice to see you back, I often checked your blog, to see if I'd missed anything, I'm glad to hear you are well and enjoying life doing lots of travelling. When I lived in England I had a friend who's boyfriend owned a spanking brand new green Morgan, and she gave me a ride in it. I must say I only liked being seen in it, I wasn't impressed with the comfort, it was like sitting on the floor.

  6. You have been busy. Your trips sounds so nice. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Welcome back!

  7. So nice to see your post pop up in my reader today. It sounds as if life has been good in the interim.

  8. I've missed you! Your travels sound wonderful, I enjoyed the pics. I'm sure spring and summer will keep you busy!


  9. Boy, you really get around. Lucky you!


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