Thursday, 19 May 2016

culture club - Budapest Opera House

Getting around Budapest is extremely easy
it's a great city to walk around but you have to watch where you're going.
We had only been there a few hours before yours truly tripped and fell flat on her face
 in a very busy public square.
So embarrassing.
Luckily I didn't break anything
 although I did develop a beautiful black eye and swollen knee a little while later.
It didn't slow us down though or stop us from doing all that we had planned.

As over 65's visiting from another EU country the SP and I could travel free on all public transport and we had no qualms about heading to the Metro station and boarding a train to here.

One of my favourite places to visit during our stay,
 the Hungarian State Opera House.
Originally the Hungarian Royal Opera House
 it was designed in the neo- Renaissance style by Hungarian architect Miklós Ybl.
Funded by the city of Budapest and by Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary,
 it opened in 1884.

waiting for the tour to begin

The beautifully gilded horseshoe shaped auditorium seats 1200 people.
The acoustics are said to be amongst the finest in Europe.

One of the reception rooms where the great and the good of Budapest
gather before and between performances.
The walls, doors and cornices are all handmade from richly carved wood. 

The stunning central vaulted staircase
where we enjoyed a short concert before the tour concluded. 
Interestingly whilst the columns are made from pink marble the walls are not.
They are faux, made from a materiel intended to replicate the marble.
Whilst the columns are cold to the touch the walls are warm.
Our guide revealed that this is the only way to tell the difference!
Then it was back to the Metro - this is our stop.

Come back soon for more culture and some foodie treats - Hungarian style.

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  1. I am the biggest sucker in the world for a gorgeous theatre. I love to tour them, attend them, just be IN them. So as you might guess, this post just sets me off into all sorts of wonderful thoughts. Very nice photos -- that auditorium is fabulous and I'm impressed with the faux marble! Thanks for the tour... another thing I'd love to see in person!

  2. What a stunning theater that is with its grand arches and the beauty inside the grand hall. The photography is excellent. And it is obvious you had a lovely time. Maggie I host a link party called Sweet Inspiration and we have all sorts of bloggers who visit us, from food, to lifestyle to travel. I would be honored if you joined us. The prty runs Friday till Tuesday and we visit and pin all of the links.

  3. Wow! Lots of great photos to scrap.. enjoy!

  4. What a beautiful building. I would love to see a show/opera it.

  5. I can't pass up an opera house, and would have been right there too. What a beautiful building. I look forward to the food........and to checking out those link parties, which are all new to me.

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love Budapest-- it was one of our last holidays before leaving Germany last year. My mother did the same thing while visiting me--falling. She was wearing cute, but too tall shoes for our stomp around the castle and down she went. I am only back in Germany for a two week holiday--we miss it!

  7. I love Budapest! It's my most favorite city in the entire world. I also love the Opera House in Budapest. It's even more beautiful than the one in Vienna. Every time I am in Budapest I make sure to go to the Opera. The performances are so inexpensive! Thank you for joining me for #The WeeklyPostcard.

  8. Thank you for linking up a post on such a lovely building with #TheWeeklyPostcard.Funny, my post also included the Opera House and the Nutcracker from our time there in December for New Year's. Such a lovely place, just can't get enough of it.

    1. Hi, thanks for leaving a comment today. I did stop by your blog earlier and saw all your amazing photos of your NYE trip to Budapest, I did try and leave a comment but not sure if it worked! Anyhow, great post!

  9. Shame - how terrible! I hope you could hide your black eye as otherwise your lovely travel partner might have been suspected. Good that you enjoyed your Budabest-trip anyway. #TPThursday

  10. the opera is simply stunning from the inside. I've been to Budapest, I think it's especially nice in the Christmas season:) #the weekly postcard

  11. Falling on your face would have been a real shock. The opera house looks pretty amazing. Opera plays a big part in people's lives I believe in Europe. In Australia where I live, it is not the case. I would love to stroll around Budapest one day. It is on my list! I'm Jan a co-host of Travel Photo Thursday. Having read your bio, I think your home sounds pretty amazing too.

  12. Wow, this is such a grand and elegant opera house. In these 'dress down' days, it's lovely to see such elegance! I feel like I should have dressed up to read your post (still in my PJs).

  13. What a beautiful building. I can just imagine the elegantly dressed patrons sitting in the boxes and listening to wonderful music. Looking forward to more about Hungary in future posts.

    About our trip - I emailed you but perhaps it didn't arrive - I'll try again. If it doesn't come through, let me know.

  14. What a wonderful trip. Budapest is definitely on my return to list!

  15. Beautiful experience, Maggie. So happy for you two that you are traveling again. I'm relieved to know that you didn't break anything, but I know it must have been uncomfortable for days. Ouch!
    Love seeing your photos of your travels. '-)


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