Sunday, 3 July 2016

Mosaic Monday - soon to relocate to Normandy Life!

Happy 4th July!

That's right all you avid Mosaic makers and collage creators, you heard it here first.

Mr Ben was a very big part of life in Normandy for 12 years
but wasn't always willing to pose for the camera!
Mosaic Monday, the meme that we all love so much, will soon have a new home
here in France @ Normandy Life.
I've been a participant in Mosaic Monday for many years.
 MM was the first meme that I joined,
Mary @ The Little Red House was the  host back then.
In this post I'm sharing some of my favourite mosaics
of life in Normandy.

The lovely Judith @ Lavender Cottage who has hosted MM an amazing 92 times
has now passed the baton onto me.

As it's going to take a little time for me to get the Linky thingy set up 
Mosaic Monday will be taking a short break during July
but will return as a weekly meme here on
Monday 1st. August.

Save the date!

Spread the news!

Be there or be square!


  1. I remember this party going back at least 5 years ago. Good for taking the reins! Keep us posted as to what's happening in your world as well, Maggie1


  2. Maggie, this is wonderful news. I've participated in Mosaic Monday off and on for many years. You introduced me to this fun meme. You will be the perfect hostess. Thank you for taking this on. I'll plan to be there August 1.

  3. I enjoyed your lovely mosaics in this post and it´s nice you are taking over Mosaic Monday from Judith. I hope to join on August 1.

  4. Beautiful collages of a truly beautiful life in Normandy!

  5. Ooh..not heard of this. I'll have to keep an eye our and see if I can join in too

  6. Greats photos, especially of those flowers!

  7. Fabulous! Date saved. I'll spread the news, and for sure I'll be there, for I am not square. July certainly is the month of Red, White, and Blue. Your mosaic is lovely.

  8. Wonderful! Thanks for taking over the hosting duties, Maggie!

  9. Maggie, Mosaic Monday is on my calendar for August 1st. Looking forward to sharing. Sylvia D.

  10. Hi Maggie! What a delight to visit your lovely blog thanks to Judith :) I have participated in her Mosaic Mondays only a few times, but have always enjoyed it. It looks like this wonderful party is in great hands and I hope to join in when I am able.

    Hugs and blessings to you! Stephanie-The Enchanting Rose

  11. Wonderful that MM lives on, and in Normandy! Looking forward to it.

  12. Wonderful that MM lives on, and in Normandy! Looking forward to it.

  13. Looking forward to more Mosaic Mondays and learning about your area of France.

  14. Hello Maggie, I was so surprised to see on Judith's blog that Mosaic Monday will continue! Thank you so much for keeping Mosaic Monday alive, it is one of my favorite linky parties.

    See you in August, Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  15. Hello Maggie, it's nice to meet you. I'm enjoying looking around your blog. I'm a participant in Mosaic Monday, perhaps not weekly, but certainly when I can. I love using mosaic images in my various posts on my site. Enjoy the day.

  16. I'm very glad you will be hosting Mosaic Monday beginning in August, Maggie! IOt has been one of my favorite link ups.

  17. Nice to meet you,Maggie.
    I am glad to know the good news from Judith.
    Thank you for taking over Mosaic Monday.
    Greeting from Japan.

  18. Hello Maggie, I am your newest follower, waving hello from the eastern shores of Canada. I am so glad you are going to continue the MM meme. Thanks for taking it on.

  19. Hi Maggie! I don't think we've ever "met" but I am following you now, all the way from North Carolina, USA! I am certainly glad to hear that Mosaic Monday seems to be in such capable hands and that she is YOUR baby have created some fabulous mosaics here! I am looking forward to seeing MM up and running again in August and thank you for keeping it alive for all of us!

  20. Bonjour Maggie! How brill that you will continue with Mosaic Monday and weekly as well. With grateful thanks I hope to join us as often as I can as it is a meme that I have always loved.
    See you in August!
    Wren x

  21. Thank you Maggie for picking up the Mosaic Monday baton. Looking forward to joining in.


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