Thursday, 9 February 2017

Five On Friday # 10.

Joining Amy once again for Five On Friday
2 things that have something in common;
2 things that are loosely connected
and 1 sign of an early spring, perhaps!

The first Sunday in February, as those of you who live in the UK may already know,
was Yorkshire Pudding Day.
To celebrate this year I not only tried a new recipe (bye bye Delia) from Barney Desmazery but as a change served them with a beef in ale casserole.

Staying with the National Food Day theme 
did you know that the 7th February was Fettucine Alfredo Day?

To learn more about this delicious dish click here to go to the National Day Calendar. We love pasta and I'm always trying out new recipes
sourced nowadays from Pinterest.
There are so many versions of this dish on there,
 the one I chose was the copycat Olive Garden Alfredo sauce, yummy.
Enough about food - my stomach's rumbling, onto the next loosely connected duo.
M'selle Fleur's fear of loud noises (fireworks, thunder, hunters shooting) has escalated to the point now that on certain days she won't even get out of the car.
Luckily she has no concerns at the beach and will happily walk and play for miles, it truly is her and therefore our happy place.
On Monday morning we headed that way and look what we saw there.

Of course it's not always convenient to use up the whole morning going to the beach and so I did some googling to find a way of calming Fleur so that we can enjoy all our walks together.
I knew about Bach's Homeopathic Flower remedies for relieving stress
and was very happy to find that they make a Rescue Remedy for Pets.

Amazon was consulted, the remedy was purchased and treatment has begun.
I'll keep you posted as to whether it works or not.
and finally......

that's right the lawn mower came out of hibernation on Tuesday
this is the first cut of the year.
Is Spring really on the way?


  1. Wow, I've never heard about the Yorkshire pudding day before.
    Beautiful horse and a green cut in february? Your climate must be very friendly
    Enjoy your weekend

  2. I had no idea it was Yorkshire Pudding day on the 1st Feb, do they have foodie days in France?

    1. As far as I can tell the French don't have National Food days, they take gastronomie far too seriously for that!

  3. I am VERY interested if it works for your pet, in fact may just have to see about getting some for my anxious cat

  4. Yorkshire puddings are so versatile. Yum. Great to think Spring is on the way, still cold here.

  5. Your food looks delicious - Fettuccine Alfredo is one of my favorites. I've never had Yorkshire pudding. No signs of Spring here...have a great weekend.

  6. I'm going to have to mark my calendar for next year's First Sunday in February! I'm thinking that Yorkshire Pudding is the same as my popovers, and they're always a hit around here! I make them to go with New England clam chowder. The family loves it!

  7. I want to eat at your house next February.

    I took a photo of the Normandy beaches from high on the hill where bunkers still remain. It was a horse and a sulky. I was reminded of the horrible things which occured there and then the beach with only the one rider reminded me of the saying, "This, too, shall pass". However, let us never forget.

  8. I'm hoping for a few more weeks yet before the lawn mower has to come out of the shed. I didn't realise it was Yorkshire Pudding Day last Sunday. It seems ages since we ate them. My husband's parents (his mother came from Yorkshire) used to serve rhubarb with their puddings:)

  9. Wow! Mowing the lawn already?? That's amazing. It was fun to read about those national food days. Love that beach shot. Very cool. Hope the remedy works!

  10. I got as far as thinking about hauling out the lawnmower but it really is too cold to mow!
    Those Yorkshire puds look wonderful and I'll admit i cheat and use Aunt Bessie's - we do love them with our Sunday roast!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  11. The horse is so very handsome. And you have green grass - how lucky you are!

  12. Wow, such green grass that needs cutting already. I didn't know about fettucini alfredo day but surely would of celebrated if I had known :) Have a lovely weekend.

  13. This looks just wonderful. Love the horse.

    Years ago when Gypsy had car issues and never failed to throw up after panting incessantly, my homeopathic vet recommended floral essences. I got mine from a place called Green Hope Farm and formulated specifically for animals but I suspect the Bach remedies, which are highly recommended are similar. After Gyppy took the anxiety remedy (a drop or two on his fur, a spray bottle a bit before getting in the carrier) he never hurled in the car again. I'm a believer.

  14. Your grass looks so green! We've had a warm winter, but our grass certainly doesn't look as green as yours. We're big pasta fans too, the Alfredo looks delicious.

  15. Both Yorkshire Puddings and Pasta Alfredo are delicious - but who knew there were special days to celebrate them? Fun! I hope you find some relief for Fleur. It must be uncomfortable for her.

  16. Can't believe how green the grass is! Ours is so brown. The food looks amazing!

  17. Wow, that is some bright green grass! Things here are still pretty brown.
    The chef used to make Yorkshire pudding on occasion. I need to remind him we need to have it again. Hope Fleur finds some calming solution. Miss Sadie is a little nervous Nelly at times. She doesn't like to go in the car or be left alone at home. ;-)

  18. I think I'm more than just a bit green with envy looking at that lawn. We have the spring like temps but not any large masses of such beautiful green here. Also, I'm sure in typical Missouri (Midwestern) fashion, we'll have more than one more round of cold before we can even start to think about lawn mowers again. Great photo of the horse on the beach.

  19. food are looking so yummy!!

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  20. Oh the grass looks soooo lovely! Right about now I am starved for green. I hope your remedy works. :) Kit

  21. Please keep me informed about the Bachs epRemedy..I have one who would benefit from that too. I love reading your blog. Thanks for this insight into the wonderful life you share. Xx


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