Sunday 5 March 2017

Mosaic Monday # 30 - changing seasons

Sending you all a bunch of spring daffodils as a big thank you for all the lovely comments and well wishes left on last week's MM post.
I'm glad to report that this week has been quite uneventful, without a hint of the drama of the previous one.
The North wind doth blow and we shall have snow
And what will poor robin do then, poor thing?
He'll sit in a barn and keep himself warm
and hide his head under his wing, poor thing.
English Nursery Rhyme.

The weather has been very changeable all week, one minute blue skies and sunshine the next hail storms and thunder.
You may remember that I recently purchased some Bach's Rescue Remedy to help M'selle Fleur cope with stress caused by loud noises, just three or four drops onto her tongue followed by a biscuit treat does seem to have helped to calm her down during a storm.
Also, I think that hunting season must have ended as we've not heard any guns for a while.

The proud mama with lambs belongs to our friend and local shopkeeper, Jacques. He keeps four sheep in the field next to his store. Three of his sheep have delivered five little ones between them so far with another set of twins expected from the fourth one soon.
In March I usually start to think about the coming season and what I might grow in my potager/ vegetable garden which I can see from both the kitchen and sitting room windows.
There's something so hygge (Danish for cosy) about sitting in front of a log fire browsing garden centre catalogues and gardening books whilst the rain lashes down outside.
(click here to find out  how to add hygge to your life) 

This year though it's all change, I've regretfully come to the conclusion that growing vegetables in the potager will be too much like hard work for me from now on.
I am keeping the bed which is sheltered by the wall so that we can keep the golden raspberry canes and various herbs to be used in cooking.  
I'll keep a space free at one end for planting lettuce seedlings which I'll buy at the local market and maybe a couple of pots of tomatoes too, just so I can keep my hand in.

The other two beds will get dug over, weeded and seeded by Sean the Gardner next month to create a new lawn, shaded on two sides by the laurel hedge it will be the perfect spot to sit and enjoy afternoon tea.
Are you dreaming of warmer days and making plans for your 2017 garden, will you be making changes too?


  1. Garden planning indoors is always more ambitious than what actually happens in my garden. I can get quite carried away by the seed catalogues. Here, it seems that winter just won't quit and I'm not quite ready to get out into the dirt. How cute the lambs are. Good for you for keeping your hand in with the tomatoes and lettuces. I'm glad Mamselle Fleur is doing better with storms.

  2. Maggie, I've been out in the garden this week, but the past few days have brought us much needed rain and cool temps again. Hope to get back at it in a few days. The lambs are so cute. Glad that the treatment is helpful for Fleur. Sadie gets so nervous when it's grooming day that we give her calming treats. Not sure they help all that much.
    Thanks for hosting Mosaic Monday.

  3. I've been longing to get out in the garden but it just too wet, we've had rain every day for a fortnight. Your garden looks lovely but it is hard work keeping it looking nice. Those pear shaped tomatoes look interesting. Thanks for hosting the link up.
    Bonne semaine.

  4. Maggie, I'm finding gardening is taking it's toll on me now too - age thing!!!
    Pots are my answer and I can move things about to catch the sun.
    My husband is totally in charge of the vege garden, although he was late planting we are reaping the benefits!
    My daughter emailed this morning and said it is still cold in Burgundy and they've had rain for a couple of weeks....
    Thank you for hosting dear Maggie.

  5. Hello, Maggie, having spent about four hours in the garden today, I can certainly appreciate the hard work gardening is. The results are well worth it, though.
    Some late Summer flowers for you.

  6. I always love to see photos of sheep. I'm glad to hear that the drops are helping with stress from thunder or gunshot. So many dogs are terrified of both, and I understand that many people have found great results from a thing called Thunder Shirt a coat for dogs and cats that evidently calms them immediately. By the way what a sweet nursery rhyme. Thank you so much for hosting, Maggie.

  7. We don't have a vegetable garden any more but we are putting some new plants around our house this week and racing to get it done before it gets too hot! We are using a miniature Mondo grass for borders and it looks so pretty. I always loved having herbs. I should do a planter with some this year. Happy MM!

  8. Lovely images - oh how I long for spring. Sitting on your new lawn sounds delightful. I do my gardening on the deck, I gave up gardening in the ground long ago, but I do enjoy my little bit of heaven in the the spring and summer, and the work is much easier on me now. Happy spring - when it comes!!!

  9. I know how sad it is not to be able to grow vegetables, Maggie. I used to grow quite a bit when I live din New York, but there are too many rabbits and deer that come into my yard here in Colorado and they eat everything. The only success I have is growing herbs in large flowers pots, so at least that makes me happy. I love your daffodils already blossoming! We won't see them until late May the earliest. Today we are having hisgh winds and some snow. Have a wonderful week! Pat

  10. Good morning from the Pacific Northwest Maggie. Your plans for your garden sound very good. Glad the remedy for stress seems to be helping and the noise is less these days. Sitting by a fire and planning Spring plantings sounds very comforting. Hope you have a great week!

  11. Know what you mean about gardening getting beyond us Maggie - mine is far too much work now and I gave up growing veggies a few years back - for just the two of us the Farmers' Market works!

    Daffodils and newborn lambs - that's definitely what Spring is all about.
    Enjoy each sunny day and evening by the hearth - and take care.
    Hugs - Mary

  12. WOW1 Spring is really progressing there! I think we are just about a week behind you! Have a lovely week!

  13. Thank you Maggie for your 30th Mosaic Monday. We have had unusual snow fall (into March!) on our usually very rainy coastal BC. Longest snow season - December to early March - in my memory. I am making my garden areas smaller too, just planting kale and tomatoes and dahlia's this year.

  14. I too have been thinking and planning my gardens. Already started Sweep Pea seed and they are up and just popped in some /tomato seeds. I can hardly wait and get 'real' busy. rhubarb is coming up---makes my mouth water. SPRING!

  15. Hi Maggie,

    Your browsing gardening publications in front of a cozy fire while the rain taps on your window defines hygge very nicely. We're expecting rain the next three days after a week of gorgeous sunshine, but I'm looking forward to some hygge myself!

    Thanks for hosting. I will return tomorrow to catch up with everyone's posts, as it's 12:30 a.m. and I can't see straight!

    Wishing you a lovely Tuesday,

  16. Hi Maggie!
    I wanted to hide my head under my wing today! So windy!
    I have decided to plant only flowers this year because the cucumbers became overwhelming. I think I might change my mind a little, too. Maybe just a few veg.
    Hygge. LOVE! Your posts are always cozy.

  17. Thank you Maggie as always for hosting and for your lovely posts. 'Hygge" is all the rage here on this side of the pond suddenly .. I bet I've seen ten articles about it recently in papers and magazines I read. We're pretty cozy here in our tiny house with all the doors open to the screen porch...definitely don't need a fireplace! I am glad you had a calm week ... thank Heavens for ordinary days! And I thank you for the beautiful daffodil bouquet. Those were my favorite flower when we lived in moderate climates. They don't grow here... it's too hot. I miss them...thanks for the memories.

  18. Oh Maggie, everything in this post is part of my heart! The cheery yellow flowers, the adorable mummy and her lambs, those pretty purple chives... just heavenly!

  19. Whilst you are welcoming the spring, and hanging onto winter, we are experiencing hot days in our last throws of summer - so off to the beach we went last weekend! Have a fabulous week.

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  21. What a lovely gift of the yellow Daffodils for us pretty they are. For those who have them in their local gardens, they are blooming as well, but I have not seen any nodding from my garden yet...I always wonder if critters move them... So I must have missed reading about M'selle Fleur...would that be the lovely German Shepherd in your side image? I have three Long Coat German Shepherds and the 4 year old is terrified of thunder and also fireworks. In our county now, it is approved that people can set them off 365 days a year, other than Christmas...isn't that crazy? I think so. Anyway, for whomever the calm down medication was for, I hope it works. Thank you for hosting the lovely meme. Happy remainder to your week~

  22. It's so wonderful to see these signs of spring. I have not yet sown anything, I'll start in the beginning of April... Have a great week Maggie!

  23. I've been struggling with the flu, and doing my blog visits, Thanks for visiting my blog Lunch Break this week.
    Am luvving all the promises of Spring in your post today. Our (Caribbean Clime) is so vastly different from yours so that here in Trinidad and Tobago we have the Dry and The Rainy Seasons and that's it.
    Liturgically Easter correspond to your Springtime when some of our Flowering Trees burst out in a riot of Colour all over the two islands.

    Thanks for being our wonderful Monday Mosaic hostess

    much love...


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