Sunday, 9 April 2017

Mosaic Monday # 35 - easy like a Sunday morning

Normandy is basking in beautiful sunshine
as I write,
with wide cloudless blue skies as far as the eye can see.

In our garden the apple, cherry, pear, lilac and ornamental cherry trees
are all fit to burst!

To quote American poet William Cullen Bryant (no relation)...................

There is no glory in star or blossom
till looked upon by a loving eye;
There is no fragrance in April breezes
till breathed with joy as they wander by.

I'm wearing flip flops and suffering just a bit with hay fever!
On Sunday morning we spent time mooching around the vide grenier
(literal translation: empty attic) in Le Molay Littry.

In the UK they call them "car boots".
I think in North America you call them yard sales?

There were about 50+ stalls,

most of them laden with second hand/pre-loved children's clothes, toys and books.

Plenty of hand tools, garden/farming implements, engine parts and such.

Not too many antiques of note but loads of junk!

And toy cars, lots and lots of toy cars.


  1. Your April seems so charming with all that blossoming! A fabulous month there, our May maybe similar... A lot of this & that in yard sales :) I don't really buy anything these days - want to get rid of many objects.

    Wishing you Maggie a Happy & Sunny Easter!

  2. Your spring time looks beautiful there, Maggie! We are slowly catching up but by mid May we will be in full bloom. Second hand sales bring new treasures to those that need them at a reasonable price. I have purchased clothes and toys for my grandchildren that way and some items I've needed around my home. Have a very Happy Easter!

  3. Beautiful Spring around the Presbytery Maggie! I miss Spring ... yours looks like ours did when we lived in Oregon (but our home there also included the hay fever, which I also try to remember as I miss Spring flowers here in Florida, where it's too hot for many of them). . All those once-loved collections at the 'empty attic' event provided some nice photo ops. It sounds like what we call a flea market (don't ask me why)...with many stalls at one location. Yard sales are more like one or two families putting tables in their front yard and a sign on the corner.
    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful and fun week and for hosting!

  4. Those "boot" sales are actually called flea markets here. When I was on my trip to Scotland and Ireland, our tour guide asked what I did. When I explained about "buying out estates" and reselling the personal property, he said do you do them at "boot sales?" I had no idea what a boot sale Boot is something you put on your foot...then he told me people park and sell out of their boots (we call them trunks here). I said "Oh, that's a flea market...he said "why would you want to buy fleas.." lol.

  5. Fruit trees always have the most beautiful and abundant blooms! We're having beautiful weather now too. Ahhhchhhooo! heehee! But we love it! Happy MM! Hugs, Diane

  6. Delightful flowers in your mosaics, Maggie! Perfect for Easter approaching.
    We have "Garage Sales" here in Australia and they are always fun to rummage through.

  7. Maggie, yes, here in the states they are called yard sales or garage sales. Estate sales if the entire contents of the home is up for sale. '-)
    Our neighborhood had one this past weekend with many households hosting a sale on their driveway. Too much work for me. I had previously loaded up my car with donations weeks before.
    I'm swooning over all the blooming trees. Do you cut branches and bring them inside? I sometimes do that with our redbud or the local markets have blooming branches for sale about now.
    Happy Spring, dear friend!

  8. Yes we call them yard and or garage sales here...bad weather, they move into the garage. The light blue piece of linen is quite attractive. What all did you gather to savor? I always go to them saying I don't need a thing and then I ring up my husband and tell him he needs to bring his car ;) The last time it took three people just to carry the antique glass and brass coffee table...But Maggie I had to have it, need it, or not LOL Have a marvelous week~

  9. Thank you Maggie for your 35th Mosaic Monday, love the blossoms. Our local cherry trees (non fruiting) are blooming now, some make a long canopy down streets that have them, beautiful and brief.

  10. Maggie, I am envious of the blossoms. We had snow again this morning so that will delay them somewhat I expect. You saw a lot of things but you don't mention taking anything home. Many of us are at the age of moving things out not in. Thanks for the tour. Sylvia D.

  11. What beautiful blossoms! How lovely to see them!

  12. You have painted a lovely picture of a spring day!

  13. Spring is glorious in Normandy! All those lovely blossoms! Visiting a vide grenier is one of my goals on a trip to France - haven't made it yet. Those crisp white linens make my heart beat a little faster.

  14. Lovely mosaics Maggie. Those blooms are amazing. That's a great name for yard sales or car boots...empty attic. I like that. I'm not participating this week since I'm away from home and busy with our infant granddaughter. It's hard to type when I'm holding her. Have a beautiful week!

  15. What fun - we just love a good yard sale - sometimes also called a garage sale (good for when it rains, if you have a garage to use for the sale). I have vast collections of dishes of all sorts - and almost all of them come from yard sales or thrift shops - I do love a bargain. Great photos of the flowers - what a treat to have them blooming already - we are just beginning.


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