Sunday 29 October 2017

Mosaic Monday # 59 - black and white images

A friend recently invited me to take part in a Facebook meme -

"Seven days.
Seven B&W photos.
No people.
No explanation.
Challenge a new person everyday".

provence; crete; uk.

I get quite a few of these invites and requests "to share", I imagine you do too.

I usually don't participate but this one piqued my interest so I joined in.

a black and white house in a black and white Cotswold village.

Kissimmee, Orlando Fl.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Seven photographs that perhaps hadn't been "good" enough to be included in a previous blog post or feature in one of my scrapbook layouts.
Playing with various Picmonkey editing tools and changing the look of them was great fun and very easy to do.
Jill @ lifeimagesbyjill  (another FB friend, is an award winning published photographer with a down to earth, easy, friendly style of writing) who shared information on street photography on Mosaic Monday last week.
In her post she included some wonderful urban black and white images which increased my interest in this style of photography.
However, since the rural tranquility of green and bucolic Normandy doesn't lend itself too easily to that gritty urban style I looked through the photographs taken on our trip to Budapest last year to find a couple of images to play with.

As you can see an ordinary shopping street in central Pest, on the east side of the Danube, has quite a different look once I cropped the image and applied picmonkey's super b/w effect.

lunchtime in Budapest

If like me your looking to improve your photography skills then I really recommend popping over to Jill's blog.
I know that I'm going to be looking out for more street images to capture next time we go travelling.


  1. I've seen these on FB a lot and have wanted to participate but time has been at a premium. I love B/w in so many forms. You have some wonderful pieces here.

  2. Hello! Good choices for B&W. Not all photos lend themselves to black and white. Very pretty, especially the Hogwarts School and the black and white cottage in the Cotswolds. We were just in the Cotswolds earlier in the month and loved all the honeycolored stone and the charm of those beautiful villages. I'll be linking up in the morning. Thank you!

  3. Very nice choices for your black and white challenge. I especially like the Hogwarts one and the Cotswolds photo. I'll be back for the link up!

  4. I just finished this B&W photo challenge on facebook! I admit I like color photography better , but it was interesting to see how some of my photos changed in B&W. I think architecture does the best trandsformation.

    Maggie I received the beautiful tea towel this week--I sent an e-mail to let you know. I hope to do a blog post with it in my photos one day. Thank you very much!


  5. Great post, Maggie! I'm sharing on the B&W challenge as well. Today was my 4th. Like you, it has been fun to use the filters to change my photos. Thanks for sharing this information. See you in the morning for Mosaic Monday! Thanks for hosting, my friend.

  6. I enjoyed seeing your black and white photos, and also the colour versions of the street scenes alongside the black and whites. Jill's post last week was very inspirational.
    See you in the morning for MM - I think your clocks have changed while ours stay the same until next weekend.

  7. I truly enjoyed these photos especially seeing the contrasts between the B&W and color versions. As one who grew up with black and white photos and who still remembers feeling like technicolor (!!) was amazing, I have to admit to not having taken time to truly appreciate good black and white photography ... you make me want to learn more. Thank you as always for hosting.

  8. EXCELLENT B&W's, my favourite is 'Hogwarts School '.
    Good Monday to all

    much love...

  9. I love black and white photos. I find a deeper emotion when viewing them so I found the quote fascinating. Thanks for hosting and have a good week!

  10. Oh how beautiful. The black and white shows such good contrast in buildings and streets. It's funny....I did a post with color today! Happy MM! Jill always inspires me do you! Hugs, Diane

  11. Lovely B&W shots, Maggie!
    Thanks for hosting.

  12. Maggie - The contrast in the lunch counter photo struck me the most - the fellow with the large jacket who seems to be hunched over takes on prominence and a darker sentiment in B&W. I also was inspired by Jill's post last week, and will be keeping an eye out for good subjects. Thanks for hosting!

  13. I'm not a big fan of B&W photos, but your shots are great! I particularly like that B&W cottage.
    Thanks again for this week's hosting!

  14. I do love B&W - it makes me look at the photo closer - and yours are stunning, love all the details and subjects. Happy week ahead.

  15. Black and white - haven't tried that for years (well, except for night moon shots). Thanks Maggie, always something new to see or try out.

  16. Your B&W photos are excellent!

  17. Love them! So true that a slightly inferior pic (though yours are not) can look pretty good in Black and White. Have a great week! :) Kit

  18. I sometimes miss the look of really good black and white photos made with film. My eye was struck by the castle. I thought, "wow, some of these French castles really DO look as if they're out of a fairy tale" (which is something I often think) but then I saw that it was Hogwarts :)


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