Sunday, 26 November 2017

Mosaic Monday # 63 - Church of Saint Nicholas, Kato Pafos.

Back from our latest trip to Cyprus with more tales and photographs to share.
One thing I learned from this trip is that the town of Pafos/Paphos lies inland and the area in which we stayed, Kato Pafos, is the more touristy area of town.
Don't misunderstand me I'm not putting it down at all, we loved the hotel's position overlooking the beach and enjoyed walking along the promenade which wends it's way from the Church of Saint Nicholas in the south to the harbour in the north.
The Church is a small, intimate church with a stunning interior of frescoes covering the walls  - an ideal choice for religious wedding services.  The chapel was originally built as an Orthodox Chapel, but the Greek Orthodox Church of Cyprus kindly gave their permission for Anglican and Catholic wedding ceremonies to be performed here. This chapel can hold wedding parties of up to approx 60 guests and is the perfect backdrop for wedding photography. (Source: Simply Cyprus Weddings)

Saint Nicholas is a very busy patron saint of many causes, of course he is most loved for being Good old St Nick or Santa Claus. His Saint's Day is 5th December.
Click on the link to learn about "Saint Nicholas and the origin of Santa Claus" on the St Nicholas Center website.

We walked down to the Church on a blustery morning after a night of rain and thunderstorms, a gentle 20 minute stroll, admiring the views and commenting on the various hotels we passed along the way.

After weighing up the pros and cons we decided that we had chosen the best one!


  1. Maggie, the chapel is beautiful, and I like the different paintings. St. Nicholas always intrigues me. Thanks for sharing this beautiful trip.

  2. What a beautiful chapel and the interior is indeed stunning. Love it! So glad you shared

  3. I so enjoyed your photos, Maggie, and especially the one of you and your husband! I'd love to visit all of the places you've been, but this sounds absolutely amazing, from the old buildings, to the surf in the ocean. How fun!

    I hope you are home and settling in for the holidays!

    Jane x

  4. What a nice holiday you had, Maggie! The collage of places and delicious food looks wonderful, and it was nice to see you and your husband in the grouping. The chapel is really special. I love all the photos you showed of its icons.

  5. I love small churches. And just sitting in them quietly when no-one is about. I am also enjoying your travel pics. Thank you so much for taking us along. Have a fabulous week.

  6. Lovely shots, Maggie. The little church looks rather new, although it's built in the traditional Byzantine style. The vigil of the Feast Day of St Nicholas is on the evening fo the 5th December and the Feast Day proper on the 6th. :-)

  7. Happy Monday and a Blessed Season of Advent to all


  8. A rather minimal mosaic from me, Maggie :-)

  9. What a beautiful little white church, situated in a most beautiful spot. It looks like you had a wonderful vacation, filled with gorgeous scenery as well as delicious food. I hope Normandy has provided some sunshine as well. Have a great week, Maggie.

  10. Dearest Maggie; I love the peaceful church and the St. Nicholas in the collage with two pictures of top and bottom look really majestic. I appreciate the link♪

    Thank you so much for hosting and sorry for my long absence.
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*

  11. Maggie - how do they keep the church exterior so clean and crisp given the sea air? Always impresses me. How wonderful that multiple faiths can use the church - I think the world needs to get more creative about how we use space rather than just keep erecting more buildings! Thanks for this glimpse into your holiday, and for hosting!

  12. Thank you Maggie for your 63rd Mosaic Monday. Love seeing your photos of your holiday to Cyprus.

  13. Thank you for sharing this beautiful artwork.

  14. I find this blue and white so mesmerizing and relaxing. I just fall in love with your photos. And I love the church icons too. Stunning, all.

  15. What a wonderful church. Looks like a great trip. Good for you!
    Your photos are lovely.


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