Sunday, 26 April 2009

Bucolic Normandy

Spring has finally sprung here in Normandy with all sorts of countryside happenings this week.
Firstly, the bats, which are an endangered species and so must be left in peace, arrived back to take up residence in the loft over the garage.
They are sharing roof space with the house martins who got here earlier this month. They seem to have recovered from their long trip up from Africa and are busy building nests up in the beams and pooping over everything beneath!
Yesterday afternoon the cows came home! Yes, the heifers are back in the field next door and are relishing the open spaces and deep lush grass to eat.
News from the potager..................the blueberry bushes have forgiven me for transplanting them from the large pots they were in last year and are thriving. I added 4 new plants alongside for variety.
Potatoes & onions are already showing green leaves & shoots above ground and I have planted 2 rows of green haricot beans and one row of yellow.
The ornamental pink cherry tree in the front garden is out in full glory and the purple wisteria is about to pop. Speaking of blossom all our fruit trees have masses this year so I'm hoping for a good harvest of plums, damsons, apples and pears.
Watch this space.
This month I have also been busy creating scrap book lay outs and entering them into the various challenges over at YMBD. The design team always come up with such great ideas and I love interpreting the sketches & LO's and incorporating my own pix and ideas.
Too many photos to include in this post so I've created a slideshow, look over to the right hand side of the page and check out Normandy Living for yourself.

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