Sunday, 16 August 2009

Blue bunny Monday

It's almost Monday again and that can mean only one thing, Smiling Sally is hosting another Blue Monday party. Do click on the link here or on the sidebar to join in with all the fun & check out the blue extravaganza.

I love to decorate using blue & white pieces, a vintage Bavarian carved blanket chest sits in a recessed window bay on an upstairs landing and is a perfect place for a bunny to sit in relaxed comfort.
In the early 1990's, when we were still living in Bavaria, sewing fabric bunnies was a pastime of mine. I sold or gave away most of them but this one was too cute to let go.

The "Blackberry" plate marked GW, was purchased for centimes at a French auction and the Tokyo bowl is one of a pair produced by Tunstall, England which I bought at an Antiques Show in Winchester, Hampshire about 10 years ago.

Happy Blue Monday everyone.


  1. I used to have a bunny like yours, I think it was sold in a garage sale long, makes me wish I still had it after seeing yours!!

    Lovely blue lamp too, love it!! Happy Blue Monday.

  2. All your blues are just beautiful.The muslin bunny is so sweet. I have always loved the muslin bunnies. I don't see them as much anymore.
    Happy Blue Monday.

  3. You have some very pretty blues posted today. I of couse, adore your bunny. I have that sits on a rocker in my bedroom upstairs. But I am drooling over your blackberry plate. That is such a lovely pattern. Happy Blue Monday! ~ Robyn

  4. My mom loves blue ---she would love your blue & white decor. Lovely.

    See my Blue Monday photo for this week HERE.

  5. What a beautiful display you have here. Everything is perfectly placed. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

    BTW: You do not have the link on the sidebar. Please add:

  6. Bautiful blues you are showing!/

  7. Maggie, lovely blues on the blanket chest. Lovely little vignette for Blue Monday. Happy Day!

  8. Very pretty.
    I used to have muslin bunnies, but they are long gone. That is so sad. I know we can't keep everything but it surely does make you wonder what we should be keeping. Your bunny makes me think I should have kept mine.

    Have a happy day!

    Becky K.

  9. I love the blues you've selected to share with us today. The bunny is really very sweet, but what I really love is the way you've displayed your items. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  10. Nice blues. I really like the lamp and the bunny! Enjoy your day today.

  11. What an interesting and lovely Blue Monday post. Thanks for sharing and for visiting my post.

  12. I am so thrilled to find your blog. In all my studies and travels to France (retired French teacher) Normandy is about my favorite place. I will LOVE seeing all the sites you have to share. un grand merci! Linda p.s. J'espère que tu parles français! Linda


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