Sunday, 13 September 2009

Mosaic Monday in South Carolina

O.K. I know that summer is supposed to be over & everyone is getting ready to decorate for Fall but I'm not ready to say goodbye to the beach just yet.
If I had to choose another place in the world where I would like to live, high on my list would be Hilton Head Island, SC.
We bought a Marriott timeshare apartment there about 19 years ago and have been back many, many times for enjoyable vacations, shared with family and friends.
Off season is when we like to be there, the beaches are wide and empty and we enjoy going for long walks along the shore.
We did visit one year in August, never again!
When we were there in March this year I didn't think I'd be back for at least a year but guess what? Lucky me, we're heading back next month for another couple of weeks R&R.

To get me in the mood I've created a Carolina Low Country Mosaic to share with you and Mary at her delightful Mosaic Monday affair @ The Little Red House.
For an upclose look at my Carolina wonderland click on the pix to enlarge.
It's always a delight to see the wonderful mosaics that link up there and every one of them is beautiful and unique, go on over and give yourself a treat.
Be sure to mention my name & you'll get a great seat!
à bien tôt


  1. I love the beach too and here on Prince Edward Island we are surrounded by beautiful beaches.
    Lovely mosaic-I especially love the charming little cottage in the middle and the little white church.


  2. Beautiful mosaic. How lucky that you get to spend some more time along the beach...and the off season is my favorite time to be there as well (but how can you leave Normandy when it is so beautiful in the fall!). Have a great vacation.

  3. Hello!
    Thank so much for your lovely words about my journals! So glad you visited and left a comment!
    Your mosaic is beautiful- I wish I could be on those empty beaches right now! A girl can dream ;))

  4. Oh, how lovely! I can see that low country architecture is very simple and beautiful, and I understand your wish to be there on off season -- to have all that beauty to yourselves. :) thanks so much for sharing at Mosaic MOnday. :)

  5. simply beautiful!

    thank you for sharing. I love all that whitey goodness! it just screams relaxation!

  6. Lucky you having a wonderful place like that to stay in. Looking forward to seeing the photographs you take and pretending I was there with you, I wish!!! Have a great time, Jackie.

  7. Both Hilton Head and Normandy are amongst the loveliest places I've ever seen. Lucky you. Beautiful mosaic.

  8. Maggie, I am so happy you like South Carolina, even if you do prefer the Low Country (and I can see why). You truly do have the best of all worlds, having a home in Normandy which is gorgeous, and a place in Hilton Head. Good to know you are headed back this way!

  9. I love that mosaic. The pictures in it ar inviting. Have a nice day

  10. Lucky lady! I love the beach off season. So much more to explore and so very peaceful, just like your great mosaic. Sharon

  11. You have done it again! Wonderful mosaic. I am taking pictures.....Poor Jack!


  12. Wonderful mosaic, Maggie. How lucky you are to have a time share in such a great place!! And so close to many more great places.

    My husband and I took a trip to Myrtle Beach, Charleston and Savannah, back in April. We had the best time!! Hilton Head was to be on our itinerary but we just could not give 4 places the time they deserved. Next time though...



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