Friday, 2 October 2009

A "twofer" for... Metamorphosis Mosaic Monday

The bags are almost packed for our trip and the house sitters are poised to move in and take care of Mr Ben, but before I jet off to the peaceful shores of South Carolina I have to bring you up to date on what's been happening here at Le Presbytere.
I'm linking up with Mary @Little Red House for Mosaic Monday and also Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch for her Metamorphosis Monday gathering.
Please do visit both of these wonderful ladies who graciously give up their time to arrange these get togethers for us all.

As some of you may know this was the summer we decided to go for it and completely replace the old roof, it took longer than anticipated but these big jobs often do.
However, Rory the roofer didn't uncover too many horrors up there and we are very happy with the finished product.

Looks spiffy now doesn't it?

Last week S the G worked like a Trojan in the potager, clearing out the old dying vegetables and weeds, then laying down the thick black plastic topping that will keep those weeds at bay during the winter and help the soil to warm up next spring.

Is this a metamorphosis in reverse? I'm not quite sure but I'm happy every thing is cleared away for the winter.

We kept the blueberry bushes, the lavender & thyme plants and a few beetroots that may still be edible.

The next blog I write will be from across the pond.

à bien tôt


  1. Maggie, your home and your garden are GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for sharing at Mosaic Monday. :)

    Enjoy your trip!

  2. Morning Maggie

    Your house is lovely and I am sure you will miss it while you are away, but I expect you have similar weather to us in Normandy, rain and are off to sunshine, lucky you!!

    Best wishes for a very happy 30th wedding anniversary.


  3. What a beautiful home and gardens you have. Have a nice trip.

  4. Good morning, Maggie. The roof looks wonderful on your gorgeous home. Have a great trip and Happy Anniversary!


  5. Maggie - The little peek of the outside of your house makes me want to see more!!! It looks beautiful! Have a wonderful time in South Carolina...hope the weather cooperates for you while you are here.

  6. Looks so lovely and inviting!

  7. The roof certainly DOES look spiffy! :-) Hope you have a wonderful trip!
    pk @ room remix

  8. Maggie, can you send S and G to help in my garden? With the recent, most appreciated rain with garden needs lots of attention! Thanks for sharing the update. It's always a treat to see glimpses of Le Presbytere. Have a safe journey. Call me while you are in SC. Hugs~ Sarah

  9. Your home is beautiful. Have an enjoyable trip.

  10. Hi Maggie...

    What a lovely mosaic, my friend! I was thinking could it be anything less than lovely with your fabulous home as the subject!!! Girl, I just adore your's sooo beautiful! And yes, it's looking pretty "spiffy" with its new roof! Bet you're so happy to have that project turned out beautifully! We have also been trying to get everything "winterized" at our place! The last couple of weekends have been solely devoted to this. I think we've got everything ready to see the winter through!

    Well Darlin'...have a wonderful trip and stay in the states!!! Hope to hear from you soon! Enjoy and be safe, my friend!

    Warmest wishes,

  11. It is always a surprise when re-roofing. What do you mean I have no insulation? Lol.
    Well hard work cleaning up the potager garden will pay off next spring when there are no weeds.

  12. Maggie,you house is so lovely! Enjoy and have a great trip!

  13. OH wow...your new roof looks great! I'm a firm believer in a roof defines the personality of a house and you chose very well!

    Lovely gardens too!

  14. Your house & garden are so lovely! Have a good safe trip!

  15. Oh Maggie...I love your home and garden. Both look sooooo romantic!
    Your rood turned out well!

    BTW, thank you so much for the wonderful, kind comments you leave...I appreciate every one. :-)

  16. Thank you for letting us see your beautiful home and garden, just breathtaking!

    I popped over from the wild raspberry and I'm so glad I did. Lovely blog. I live on a large working farm in the Ozarks hill and hollers.

    Ya'll have a very wonderful day filled with blessings!!!

  17. Hey lovely lady, thank you so much for droppin' in and leaving your sweet comment and jumpin' on.

    I just write what I live and it just so happens my life is a hoot!

    Now in the words of Granny Clampett, "ya'll come back now, ya hear!!!

  18. Well, I hope you have a wonderful time in my state of SC. Are you going to Hilton Head Island? I live near Myrtle Beach--we have had some really mixed weather this week!! We finally have gotten some rain too (but I don't think you want that for your vacation ;-) Have a nice time!!

    Nannykim at spindle cottage

  19. I just adore where you live, the countryside and the rural atmosphere are just so comforting. I love the amazing pictures and am happy I found your blog, I am a new follower...Come visit...I'll be back

  20. Glad your rooof is completed and you can go off on your holiday to HHI knowing all is well until you return. Don't think you'll need gold wellies, or any wellies on the island......still very warm here in the Southeast!

    Have a great visit - tell us all about it when time permits.

  21. What a lovely place you live in...I'm so jealous! Thanks for promoting my sweet. I'll be following now as well.
    Enjoy your trip~
    peace. cindy


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