Saturday, 3 October 2009

Pay It Forward from Jacque

At the end of August Jacque, @ Campagne Maison, wrote a blog about some beautiful things that she had received from Deb @ Garage Sale Gal as a recipient of her Pay It Forward Meme
Jacque wrote:
"If you would like to participate in Pay It Forward, just leave a comment on this post.
The first three people to leave a comment will be my next Pay It Forward recipients. You must have a blog so I can read your postings and learn a little about you. That way, I will know what to make just for you! THEN, when you receive your package from me, you post pictures of what you received, just as I have done, then add the Pay It Forward button (which is at the TOP of this post) to your post, and wait for three comments on your blog...and the game continues on.
If there are any questions you can ask me anytime! It really is a whole lot of fun! Let's see how far this PAY IT FORWARD can continue."

I decided to post a comment and was lucky enough to be included as a participant.
Yesterday, I received a wonderful surprise.

A box from Campagne Maison was delivered and inside it a wonderful handmade table topper with Roosters (!) and a precious pink and white Christmas tree decoration, complete with tassel. dears, I am Paying It Forward following the same rules as described above, the only difference being that I cannot promise that what you receive will have been created by my fair hand.
Oh, and one more you may already know I am counting down the days to my upcoming vacation, but I'll be sure to have your cadeux on it's way when I return home.

On y va, let's just see how far across the world we can take this.
BTW, some of the comments that have been left have asked not to be included in the PIF, so please do leave a comment if you would like to participate.
à bien tôt


  1. Oh, Maggie, what neat gifts! I bet you are looking forward to your vacation. We head to Florida November 1st and I can't wait. Today is miserable and wet and cold.

    Keep in touch while you are away!


  2. Hey Maggie...thank you for continuing on the PIF adventure. I know you will be as happy to be the giver as you were the receiver, just like I was and the others before me! I am glad that you like what I made for you. It was a pleasure!

    You and Sarah are too kind--your sweet expressions of gratitue are very endearing. Thanks for the sweet post and have a great weekend.

  3. Oh Maggie, you got so many pretty items. Enjoy your vacation and yes, I would love to participate in PIF!...Christine

  4. What a fun idea! I would like to be included in the PIF adventure.

    I hope your Normandy autumn is as pleasant as our western Canadian one is - full of sunshine!


  5. Bonjour Maggie...
    I wanted to let you know that the package at the post office was indeed from you...
    I love it~~it is even more quaint in person...
    Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway and I'm thrilled that I was able to win this lovely pottery.
    Merci Beaucoup~

    ps I just posted about it on my blog and used some of your photos...hope that's alright...

  6. Hi there ladies,
    Well the PIF is now closed.
    Carol @ Serendipity, Christine @ Christine's Home & Travel, & Lorrie @ Fabric Paper & Thread you are my lucky (!) 3.
    Please email your addresses to me @
    Your cadeaux will be on their way on my return from SC.


  7. Beautiful Pay it forward but Im too late, LOL.You have a gorgeous home.I just came from chasitys blog.Loved the things you sent her.So nice of you and so sweet they were.God Bless and have a sweet rest of the week!

  8. What wonderful treasures! Love the Christmas pretty!

  9. Reminder:
    My Writer's Challenge link is up. Why not add a story to the rest. Just tell us about something really nice someone has done for you.


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