Monday, 16 November 2009

It's Tuesday so it must be time for Tam & Diane.

It’s 3 or more Tuesday over at Tam’s The Gypsy’s Corner and so today I’m going to share with you some of the books that I have read this year and the novel (pardon the pun) way that I acquired some of them.

Because you see, apart from one, I didn’t actually buy these books, so I’m also linking into Diane’s 2nd Time Around meme too.

These ladies do an excellent job gathering us all together to share stories from our daily lives, please do go and visit them and the other participants and say “bonjour”.

Like many of you, I am an avid book reader and it’s quite difficult and also expensive to find English language books here in France.

My practice for many years was to stock up on reading materials when visiting family back in the UK and when on vacation in the States.

My sister K.E. also feeds my habit by bringing me books when she visits me here in Normandy. This year she brought me the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. At first I didn’t expect to enjoy them but by the end of book one I was hooked, just as she said I would be.
One of my favourite pastimes is to spend time browsing the shelves of a book store, especially if it’s a quaint second hand bookstore in the village of Uppermill, which is located either in Lancashire or Yorkshire, UK. (It all depends on whether you are a Lancashire or a Yorkshire lass).

However, about 18 months ago I discovered the world of “bookmooch”. This is a place where people swap books. You simply list the books you wish to swop and receive points to “spend” when “mooching” a book from someone else. It is a simple idea and a godsend for someone like me.
So far I have received 84 books and mailed out 76!!
This is a list of mooched books that I have enjoyed so far this year.
The Wedding Officer - Anthony Capella.
The Weight of Water – Anita Shreve.
Stone Creek – Victoria Lustbader
Where the Heart is – Billie Letts.
Until the Real Thing Comes Along - Elizabeth Berg.
The Other Queen – Phillipa Gregory.

One book that I tried to mooch, but couldn’t as there were no copies listed, had been recommended by a friend. “American Wife” by Curtis Sittenfeld, so I bought it on Amazon.

I just finished reading this book yesterday, Joanne Harris’ “Gentlemen & Players”.

Mary @ Across the Pond wrote about this book in a blog last month and mentioned that she thought it would appeal more to British tastes than American, set as it is in an English Boys Grammar School, St. Oswalds.
When I commented on the post that I would try and mooch the book Mary very graciously offered me her copy and lovely lady that she is mailed it straightaway so that it was waiting for me here when I returned from my vacation.

I really enjoyed Gentlemen & Players, it has a cracking story which I think most people would enjoy but the “Englishness” of it made it a pleasure to read. The twist towards the end took me by complete surprise, although in retrospect the clues were there and I felt slightly foolish for not having spotted them throughout!
So, although she probably was unaware of it at the time, Mary started a “Pay It Forward” meme, but with a twist.
If you would like to “mooch” Gentlemen & Players from me, go ahead.
I’ll mail it to the first person who asks and then let’s watch and see where the book goes next.

à bien tôt


  1. I would love to read the book. I trust Mary's taste and I am pretty good, I must say so myself, with guessing the 'who' in 'who dun it'!!

    I love Elizabeth Berg and some of Anita Shreves books.

    We have a book store here that might be similar to your mooch system. For every book you donate, you get points that you can use toward the purchase of more books. And it just keeps going around. I also love that Amazon has used books, except I usually order the new ones!;-)

    Have a wonderful week, Maggie!!


  2. I love to read, but haven't had much time lately to really delve into something. My faves are old classics like Austen's tales. I like 'fluff' books too, though, and am reading the Twilight series with my daughter (though the first movie was awful in my opinion).

    I have a friend who owns a secondhand bookstore, so I pretty much get most of what I want thru her, which makes it nice. :)

  3. I'm always looking for something to read, and love your suggestions. Some of my favorite authors!

    And thanks so much for linking to 2nd Time Around!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed reading your post, and always welcome recommendations for something good to read. My 13-year old granddaughter is into the Twilight series, but I can't even make myself try to read it. Guess I'm not into too much fantasy. Have a great week, and take care. Sally

  5. really are a reader. I used to read...before I started blogging. Now, I find myself having to MAKE time to get into a good book. I also read more in the wintertime.
    Amazon is a great way to get good used books...
    xo bj

  6. We have a new used book store in town, but I am just not into buying used books. Now I would take a book from someone on their recommendation. I belong to our library monthly book club and they are usually short new bestsellers, and have read some great books I would never choose on my own. I have a tendency to pick the same authors over and over. I just read Lost Symbol by Dan Brown and have enjoyed all his books. I'm like BJ blogging has cut into my reading time. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoyed your blog today.

  7. I wish I read more. And I love your idea of a pay it forward with the book. And the book mooching is a fabulous idea too. I've been reading the Twilight series (who hasn't). I love them, but still find it hard to find the time to read. I am going to see New Moon at midnight when it opens (this is my niece's birthday present). Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving a comment.

  8. It's embarrassing to admit that I can't even remember the last book that I read! My Mom and sister are avid readers but I guess I'm too busy in my craft room :-)
    Thanks for commenting on my tassel and the blog header picture...I'm the one facing the camera!
    Take care.

  9. Hi Maggie,

    You are a girl after my own heart. I love to read and will read just about anything. I will be adding to my read list.


    P.S. Again, thank you for the awards.
    I will be doing a post soon. I may change the rules a little bit. Hope that is o.k.

  10. There is nothing like a good book, or even, in a pinch, a not-so-good book!
    bookmooch sounds like a fabulous idea.

  11. Maggie, enjoyed this post. I love to read, but I find that stitching and gardening and blogging and well lots of other things often take the time away that I might otherwise use to sit and read. I'm still working my way through Sandra Gulland's trilogy about Josephine Bonaparte. I'm just about to finish the second and begin the final book. You might enjoy these.
    Looking forward to our chat tomorrow....Sarah

  12. I like your mooch system!! I use a website to get my books. - they are kindof a ware house of different sellers and get my books cheap cheap. I hate to spend full price for a book or a move and so just keep checking this site out!


  13. Wasn't that a twist in the story!!? Like you I just didn't pick up on it at all throughout the book......guess that's why she's a great storyteller!!

    Perhaps you'll pass it along to Ms. Blondie - the lovely Jane - couldn't go to a sweeter lady!

    Off to bed now with my latest book!
    Hugs - Mary

  14. Hi Maggie,
    My post is up-yay.
    I did change the rules a bit. I hope you don't mind.


  15. Sounds like a good book to read, Maggie....Christine

  16. Popped in to say hello, Queen Mother's referal. What a great idea on "book mooching" I have never heard of it.


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