Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Water, water everywhere for Outdoor Wednesday.

For Outdoor Wednesday hosted by Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer I thought you might like to see what greeted us when we took our walk last Sunday.

Road flooded!
Remember the bricks in Monday's Mosaic?

The photo above shows that same path, now under water at the far end where the river breached it's banks.

This is the field next to the path.

DH decided we should carry on. "It won't be too bad" he said........................I blame Jeremy Clarkson, and watching too many episodes of Top Gear!
Well, we made it through, just, but to be on the safe side I suggested that after the walk we take another way home. He concurred.
This photo taken from higher, dryer ground shows the road that we just came along. It's that long stretch, from the tree with mistletoe in the centre, that divides the two flooded fields and ends by the lonesome stranded tree. There was a small stream flowing swiftly across the road and the water in the field on the left was higher than the road! How does that work?


Have a great Wednesday and be sure to visit Susan in sunny Georgia, and all the other participants sharing Outdoor tales today.


  1. Lovely photos - despite the floods. The River Teviot, which flows through Hawick, looked very high the other day - and it will only get worse when the rest of the snow melts ....

  2. Sorry about the floods but your pictures are beautiful. I love the scenery.

  3. I think I liked seeing the bricks better! The pictures are gorgeous and I love the new look of your blog.


  4. It looks like our area of the USA...we've had too much rain after a long summer of drought. Water, water everywhere.

    Great photos.

    My Wednesday post & sketch can be found HERE. I invite you to stop by for a visit if you can find time in your busy day.

  5. Hang on there - I'm sending a lifeboat for you!
    What a lot of water - it's beinning to look like our Lower Mainland which is flooded every year at this time. Do take care on those walks - you don't want to end up waist-deep in a ditch.

  6. All the lovely (but deep) snow you had turned to puddles. Such is the way of things.
    Areas of our island have had flooding this year as well.
    Your photos of the countryside are lovely in spite of the flooding.

  7. Very serene and relaxing! I just followed your blog.

    My Outdoor shots

  8. What kind of footwear were you wearing? Looks pretty sloshy there. Beautiful countryside.

    Kathy b

  9. It's a water world :-). I'm glad you made it through the high water. I hope you are having a wonderful Outdoor Wednesday.

  10. LOL Just like Sonning ! No water on the road yet, but any minute now......

  11. Sorry to see all the flooding. Makes for a soggy walk!!

  12. Water just goes where it pleases and to heck with roads, dikes and other things we try to put in its way. I would have gone around I think.

  13. Hope you've got good, tall wellies!!!

    We've been dry and cold, now dry and very warm for a couple of days but rain tomorrow. Crazy Winter.

    Take care and I hope there's no chance of flooding near your home.

  14. Your photos are wonderful, despite the flooding. Is this normal? I'm glad you got home ok.. Thank you for swinging by today, it was a pleasure having you. Pop in any 'ole time.. hugs ~lynne~

  15. Glad you made it back safely. Did you have on galoshes? Great photos, Maggie. Love the new header...Sarah

  16. It looks like our bottom by the creek when it flooded on the Ponderosa. Great photos girl.

    Ya'll have just a wonderful day filled with magical blessings!!!

  17. that's a lot of water! We have some pretty bad flooding here right now too, a few roads we tried to go on yesterday were flooded out. The rain hasn't stopped in days! Hope the sun shines where you are soon!

  18. Wow. The flooding looks amazing. I'm glad you made it home safely. Discretion is the better part of valor, as they say!

  19. So that's where the snow goes!
    Love the idea of the bricks just sitting there.
    Great shadow photos blis! Go professionallol

  20. Hope you are staying dry! What beautiful pictures, and I am sure being there is even more impressive.
    Thanks for visiting my blog- and
    Happy Pink Saturday.

  21. We're getting all the rain too. Poop, I'm really tired of it. I'm ready to go to Italy!

    We dont' have floods, though. I hope they don't get any worse! Lovely old bricks, though.


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