Saturday, 27 February 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday with Harriet. Chicago.

It's almost Sunday so I'm heading over to Australia to join in with Hey Harriet's Shadow Shot Sunday #93 meme.
When the Quimper Club got together for their annual meeting in 2005 the host city was Chicago, IL.
One of the pre meeting events arranged for us, we always try and pack in as much as we can during the 3 days, was a boat cruise along the river through the city.
The architcture is stunning and created some great shadows which luckily for me I was able to capture.

Some of us were able to see the wonderful Lautrec Exhibition before boarding the boat.
Even back then, before blogging was even a twinkle in my eye, I was looking for interesting shots to bring home to show my DH who was unable to make the trip that year.


  1. I love the first shot of old architecture juxtaposed beside new.
    The boat ride looks like a fun way to see the city.
    Lovely shots!

    Mine’s here: Round The Bend.

  2. Great shadow shots! And, yes, the boat ride does look like a fun way to see the city. I love the last capture with shadows on the building! Terrific! Hope you have lovely weekend!


  3. As always, great shots!
    I've always wished to visit Chicago - that boat ride looks like the perfect way to see lots.

  4. great shots - I did that boat ride two summers ago in Chicago and loved all the architectural treats!!

  5. super photos - all I've seen of Chicago is the airport!!

  6. Terrific Shadow Shots! Like ADonald466, I've been to Chicago many times, but only in O'Hare. Maybe I'll have to stay for a day or two next time.:<) Happy SSS!

  7. Super shadow shots, Miss M. Sadly I missed the Chicago trip. Thanks for sharing these shots with us. You do take amazing photos, my friend.

  8. City shadows are the best as there are so many of them. The architecture in the Windy City is spectacular, and the buildings leave impressive shadows on the Chicago River. Neat city captures, you bring this metropolis alive in your photographs!

  9. What a great trip that must have been. Lovely shadow shots

  10. I only live 2 hours from the windy city and still have relatives there whom I haven't seen in years. The city is fabulous and unbelievable to see and my neck always gets a crick in it from looking up at the towering
    architecture, it is always a joy to tour it for the trade shows and the river views are magical and full of shadows, good capture!

  11. These are great shots of Chicago and what a fun way to see the city.
    When my husband and I were in Paris in '08 we took one of the boat trips and I really enjoyed sitting back and looking at all of the beautiful architecture.
    Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday.

  12. Hi Maggie,
    Sounds like a great trip!
    Thanks so much for putting my Blog Crawl on your side bar! How kind of you!
    Looking fwd to seeing you there!

  13. Maggie, even prior to reading your sweet comment today (thank you), DH was calling down the stairs to me about the storms in France. Hope so much you are safe and dry. Seems the rains and terrific winds are everywhere - even in my brother's area in the southwest. They were skiing in the Pyrenees last weekend - thankful they're not there now as it sounds really bad!

    You are in my thoughts - be safe and remember HHI will wait for you come Summer.

    I just knew you and Sarah had to be good friends - china always brings we gals together no matter what pattern we love and collect!

  14. Thank you for visiting my site. It brought me here and I have spend a very pleasant half hour poking around in your archives.

    You have a great blog, I love your photography. But more important is that you seem to have had such a wonderful and full life.

    If not for people like you writing about your adventures, people like me would never have the chance to live vicariously the life we will never have.

    Thank you for letting me stow away and follow you across the world.

  15. GORGEOUS shots!!! Look like a wonderful trip!
    Hope you have a great week.
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  16. Wonderful photos!

    I was in Chicago, during May 2005. My daughters gave me the trip for Mother's Day. We were there the weekend after Mother's Day. All three of my daughters and 2 granddaughters.

    I went by train, with one daughter and oldest granddaughter. We left St Louis at 4am and arrived at the hotel at the same time as the other girls. They flew from St Louis around 9AM. I preferred the train ride.:-)

    We stayed on Michigan Ave and had the best time walking all around that area of town. My youngest granddaughter was 8 months old. I think that was the beginning of her facination with staying in hotels!LOL It was also her first visit to American Girl. Happy memories!


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