Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Alphabe-Thursday and J is for.........Joli très Joli

You may remember that last weekend Mr B took me away to Paris for a few days? Well, we had a wonderful time and I have masses of pix to share but haven't yet had the time to sort them out. You'll see them soon, I promise.
I recently took out a subscription for the bimestriel, French lifestyle magazine "Campagne Decoration" and took the latest issue along with me, to read on the train. What bliss!
Every issue opens the doors to magnificent homes from Normandy to Provence, Brittany to Alsace.
So, for Alphabe-Thursday, held every week @ Jenny Matlock's amazing blog, I'm stretching things a little bit and showing you something that I think is very Joli indeed.

J is for "Joli", très Joli, don't you love the pastel setting above, with pink shimmering baubles and glass trinkets hanging from the chandelier?

How about the fresh Spring tablescape below?

Campagne Decoration features beautiful houses full of charm and pages full of decorating ideas to reproduce in our own homes.
I know that many of my blogger friends love cloches, you even throw parties for them.
On the shopping page below are two wonderful cloches.
Top left: Glass cloche "Aramis" 102€ with base, bottom right glass cloche and saucer 60€ from Woods & Willow.

This is what my 500 year old campagne maison wants to look like when it grows up!

Now go have fun at Jenny's!


  1. Hi Maggie, welcome home, looking forward to seeing the photographs. Love the magazine, the tablescape looks very grand. the cloches look lovely but very expensive.

    Jackie in UK.

  2. Maggie, love that magazine and all the things in it. I don't think I've ever seen it here, maybe in Atlanta or NYC? Hope you and Roger had a grand time in gay Paree.

  3. The magazine looks wonderful! I hope you will keep possting your favorite photos from it! Don't think I can get it here.

  4. Hi Maggie,
    Welcome home. Glad you had a great trip and I can't wait to see pictures.
    Thanks for the sweet e-mail today. I hope to know more about our possible trip to France very soon. If we do make it over you'll be the first to know!

  5. Hi Maggie,

    Love the magazine pics! Thanks for sharing them with us. That is the way I want my Campagne Maison to look like when it grows up too!!

    Have a great day!

  6. Oooh, the magazine looks delightful!

  7. Welcome back Maggie - we are all being sweetly welcoming, when all of us are truly envious of a few days in Paris!!!
    The photos are all inspirational - I love to dream about having time to indulge my love of decorating.

  8. Magazine layouts make it look so easy to pull a room together, don't they?

    Did you go to any antique markets in Paris? I hear they have some of the best!

  9. I thought this was a great J word. I bet no one else will have it ;-) The magazine pictures our beautiful.

  10. Bliss really is the word here, isn't it? Shear beauty. You're making me want to go to the bookstore and grab every pretty magazine I can get my hands on!!!

  11. Maggie, oh you know I find this entire post trés Joli. Hold on to those magazines. I'll want to take a look. :-) Spring is trying to make an appearance though we had freezing temps again last weekend and lots of rain last night. We're busy organizing and getting ready for our trip. I'm eager to hear about the weekend in Paris. See you soon. Hugs....

  12. 'Tis most beautiful Miss Maggie. Oh and how was the trip to gay Paree??? Welcome home but girl ya gotta share.

    Have a fun day filled with beautiful blessings!!!

  13. i love french magazines...i subscribe to a few myself although i don't speak a word of french. the pictures just transport me...
    thank you for sharing the beautiful pics from your mag.

  14. Hi Maggie,
    Thank you for sharing the very joli images from the beautiful magazine. I used to subscribe to Paris Match ... long ago. I could actually read most of it at one point. Wish I'd kept it up!

    Hope your weekend goes well.


  15. Oh...perhaps they should photograph some of your things...I've read your past posts and you have such charming talents already!

    Your trip sounds lovely.

    And beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing this tres Joli (how do you put that little mark up there?) with us!

    Happy J day.


  16. Lovely magazine images and ideas and joli is a great word. Glad you had a special time away.

  17. Joli is such a great j word to use! that magazine looks amazingly delish ... and those rooms .... why cant my house ever decide to look like that?

  18. i love the spring colors in that magazine :D

  19. Wonderful images! I just love eye candy! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Maggie dear, I'm back after so many blog/computer problems and have had to start a new blog!! You can now find me here at A Breath Of Fresh Air - or go to Across The Pond and access from there.

    Campagne mag. is my most favorite ever - it's beautiful - but I can't ever find it here - only in the UK and France! I would love a subscription but don't know if it's available for the US.
    Hugs - Mary


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