Saturday, 27 March 2010

Day one in Paris: Le Marais, 4th Arr.

For our base in Paris last weekend we chose an apartment just steps away from Place de Vosges, in Le Marais, one of the oldest and best preserved areas of Paris.

It has wonderful narrow streets and historic squares steeped in the past, as well as trendy shops and bars.
I found the apartment on the VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owners)website.
A beautiful Art Nouveau panel on the shop front next to our big black front door which leads into the courtyard.
It was a small one bedroom pied a terre, with tiny kitchen, well equipped bathroom and very comfortable sitting room. The bed was a little hard for us, especially after hours of walking the streets of Paris, but hey, you can't have everything.
Oh, and did I mention the steep narrow stairs??
Nevertheless it soon became our home away from home and we would certainly recommend this type of accomodation if you should ever decide to spend some time in the City Of Lights.

Close by is the Hotel de Sully built in 1624.
I had stayed in Le Marais, a few years back and was keen to show Mr B what a great place it is.

After wandering around Village St Paul and marvelling at the inside of Eglise St-Paul,
we made our way to Chez Marianne, situated in the Rue des Hospitalières-Saint-Gervais, for lunch.
In the afternoon we visited the Musée Carnavalet (click here), the most Parisien Museum in the capital. This statue of Louis XIV stands in the courtyard close to the entrance to the Museum.
I hope you have enjoyed wandering around the Marais with me today, next time we'll be viewing the city from a boat on the Seine as well as visiting L'Orangerie in the Tuilieres Gardens.
à bientôt.


  1. Ah, Maggie, I wanted to walk right into those photos. You captured the colour and the bustle - I could just about imagine that I could smell the characteristic outside-a-charcuterie/bakery perfume. I've sent the website link along to a friend who is going to spend 5 weeks in France and Spain in the fall - what a great idea for accomodation.

  2. Hi Maggie,
    Loved the photos! It looks like a wonderful trip. We just made reservations yesterday for a summer trip to the UK. Our old neighbors from California recently moved to Cambridge and we are going to go visit them. We are hoping to take a side trip to Paris while we are there on the chunnel. We are very excited about finally solidifying this trip. I'll keep you posted!

  3. Oh, what a sweet apartment. Looks like a perfect spot. You know Le Marais is one of my favorite areas. So many wonderful little shops and Mariage Freres. It is a must for afternoon tea. We need to compare notes. See you soon!

  4. Love the pics - Eurostar here I come !

  5. How lucky you are to be in Paris, Maggie. I love the apartment and that is surely the way to go. We have used VRBO before and love the service. I enlarged some of the pictures, they are stunning. I so hope to visit France someday!


  6. Maggie, thanks for the tour....makes me want to be there again! I remember visiting the Carnavalet Museum - sort of letter known, but interesting! Beautiful pics. Linda

  7. Maggie,

    How wonderful! Jack and I are on a cruise and just relaxing.

    Your pictures are beautiful - just want to hop through the screen and go shopping!


  8. Hi Maggie :-}
    As I was reading through the comments which had been left for Jen at 'The Misadventures of Mrs. B.', I about choked when I read your name - "Maggie B.".

    Why? I have a very dear friend whom I call "Maggie", and her last initial is B. But I KNEW that it wasn't her. She doesn't even want a computer.

    I said that I call her "Maggie". See, her real name is Margaret Lynn. But as a child her family had dubbed her Lynn. I met her when she was just turning thirty. When she was in her middle forties, I learned that if they had asked her, she would have preferred to be called 'Maggie' over Lynn. So immediatly I switched to putting that name on anything I mailed her, and started trying to remember to call her that in person, and she LOVED it!!!

    the next time she is over, I shall show her your blog ;-}

    I am so-o glad that I did stumble upon your blog. The pictures you share are beautiful!! I LOVE the beauty of old architecture, etc. It just always gives me 'the warm fuzzies'.

    My husband's grandfather moved across 'the pond' to live here in the states when he was 18. Personnally, I'm quite glad he did :-}

  9. Oh Maggie I loved the photo's and the sights. Paris is still on my wishlist and I wrote down the rental place. Thank you for the tip.

  10. I like the area a lot too! I used to go there a lot and rummage in the old "brocante" stores. I also went to the Picasso museum. I loved Paris and lived there a very special time in my late teens. Thank you for the beautiful photos.

  11. Your photo of the Place de Vosges was a great opener to this wonderful post. Thanks for the tiny slice of life in Paris - I'm looking forward to more!

  12. Good Morning Maggie,

    One day I shall see Paris with my own eyes but until then, I thoroughly enjoy seeing it thru everyone elses! I can't wait to hear more about your vacation and soak up all the pictures.

    I am loving your new blog header picture! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Wow, how beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Paris......the most beautiful city of all and another shared visit is almost as great as being there!! Thanks for these wonderful pics Maggie - and that apt. is very cute. I may try that next visit instead of an hotel!

    Love your new header!

  15. Love these photos. I have never had the opportunity to visit but hope to go there some day.


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