Sunday, 9 May 2010

Fuschia Fantasy for Mosaic Monday.

Saturday was a holiday here in France; V.E. Day (Victory In Europe Day 1945) and as a treat we visited The Château des Ravalet in Tourlaville for the Presqu'île en Fleurs flower show.
We certainly enjoyed browsing the exhibits of 40 plus vendors, admiring all the beautiful flowers and plants on display and for sale.
I'll be blogging about this wonderful place more than once I'm sure because the grounds, the chateau, the greenhouses, plantings etc. are outstanding and I think you'll enjoy visiting there with me.

Today, a mosaic of mouthwateringly beautiful fuschias which I'm linking to Mary's Mosaic Monday @ the little red house.

Be sure to pop into the little red house and see all the other great mosaics gathered there today.


  1. I haven't thought of fuschias in years. I always gave one to my mom on mother's day. Then, received them. Such a sweet memory. Thank you. :)

  2. What beautiful images. I love to have a hanging basket of fuchsias in the summertime, but I don't think I've ever had any like these!

  3. Maggie,

    How lovely. I cannot grow them and I have tried. They are one the most exquisite of flowers. Have a wonderful week!


  4. Beautuiful mosaic!!!
    Thanks for sharing my blog...happy MM...Luna

  5. Bold stunning color!One certainly appreciates this flower when looking at your mosaic!

  6. Wow, they are so beautiful! The colours are amazing too.

    I would love to hear more about this lovely event!

    Best wishes for a beautiful week,

  7. Gorgeous mosaic, Maggie. Fuschia is so beautiful.

  8. I always grow fuchsias for the summer. I can't imagine my back deck without them.
    Blooms that look like little ballerinas. Love them.

  9. Hello from Denver!
    Love your Mosaic..
    Fuschias have always been a favorite..
    and am now following you!
    Not as a stalker..
    but as an admirer!
    thanks for stopping by!
    warmest hugs..

  10. Youreally captured the fischias beautifully. They are one of my favorites.

  11. Ah, fuchsias! Such wonderful wind dancers! You've captured a beautiful selection!


  12. Beautiful mosaic and images ... i adore fuchsias ... i love some of the ones you snapped!

  13. Such beautiful fuchsia's Maggie. I love them and their colours. Great mosaic.
    Have a good evening.

  14. Lovely mosiac of fuschias. Thanks for sharing. Valerie

  15. I really love the one in the center!

  16. Mmmmmm..... I love fuchsias! I usually have two baskets of fuchsias hanging from my front porch every summer-- but not as pretty as these. What a beautiful mosaic.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  17. I've seen fuschia blooming on the east coast, but it's too hot here. These are stunning. I'll be eager to see the other photos of your visit.
    Hugs ~ Sarah

  18. WOW...those are GORGEOUS!!What a treat for the eyes.

    Thanks for the mosaic! Have a great productive week!

  19. Fuchsias are so lovely - thanks for posting such a beautiful mosaic.

  20. I don't have much luck with fuschias here, humidity and heat??? - but remember my mum's beauties planted in the garden and which grew into huge shrubs.

    Thanks for the nice send off wishes Maggie - Africa beckons and the excitement grows, along with a few little fears!!! Today is a crazy one doing all the last minute odds and ends - hopefully I'll fall asleep tonight knowing I'm ready to roll in the morning!

    See you in June when I'll catch up with you in blogland dear! Take care of yourself.
    Hugs - Mary

  21. Beautiful and so many different ones. I've never tried to grow fuschias but my mothr had them.

  22. How beautiful your flowers are! I've never tried growing fuschia! I think I'll have to see if it can handle the hell-like summers (HOT and humid!)of North Carolina!

    Just 2 more followers and your at 100! Congrats!

  23. I don't think I've ever seen a more lovely flower, Maggie. I wish I still had a yard or patio to grow fuschias! But I'll be happy with your photos!


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