Tuesday, 4 May 2010

P is for Photographs and Paintings in Paris.

For many years Mr B was the photographer in the family, he was always up to date with the latest kit and each time he upgraded I received his cast off camera. Worked that way with PC's too, for a while! When I began scrapbooking I commandeered first his Nikon, and then the Lumix which is everything I need for blogging too.
I use Ashampoo Photo Commander to manage/edit all my Pix and Photoscape and Picasa to create the mosaics.
I blogged last month about our visit, whilst in Paris, to l'Orangerie in the Tuileries Gardens and my mosiac today, using Picasa, is of some of the wonderful paintings which we saw that day.

The painting in the centre is "Bouquet dans une loge" by Pierre August Renoir.
then clockwise from top right:
Portrait deux fillettes: Renoir.
Antonia: Amadeo Modligiani.
Paysage: Paul Gaugin.
Rue de Mont Cenis: Maurice Utrillo.
Deux fillettes: Renoir.
Le Boudoir: Henri Matisse.
Bouquet de Tulipes: Renoir.
Paysage de Niege: Renoir.
Le Chemin de Montbuisson: Alfred Sisley.
The header painting is by Picasso.
I'm linking through to Jenny Matlock's great blog Off On My Tangent for Alphabe- Thursday where the letter "P" is under the spotlight.


  1. WoW! I can't imagine gettin' to see these wonderful works of art in person. I've studied them out of well printed art books but I must say I'm turnin' and ugly color of green envy here. Beautiful paintings and a beautiful mosaic of them.

    Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed Wednesday dear lady!!!

  2. What a treat to be able to see all of these beautiful works for real!
    Speaking of 'beautiful' - every time I open your page and see those hydrangeas I have a pang of envy....and hope for ours.

  3. Hi I am a first time visitor to your blog love art galleries in France . Will pop in again

  4. This was a lovely P post! I will never get to see these in real life, so I'm sending you a big THANK YOU!

  5. These photos of paintings were beautiful. I love going to the art museum. These were wonderful works of art. Thanks for sharing them.

  6. Hello again - wonderful photos as always & great blog. I'll be popping back to have another read through!
    Happy Alphabe-Thursday - and look forward to *seeing* you again next time!
    Mine’s HERE!


  7. I've been to l'Orangerie, Maggie, and was enchanted! We also went to Giverny and I thought I was in heaven.
    You did an absolutely fabulous job with your mosaic!

  8. fantastic paintings TFS :D

  9. shamfully admiting art and i do not have a relationship...but these are in fact beautiful!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pieces of art, i would be speechless in the same room with those amazing paintings! I also have a Nikon and a Lumix, hubby got both for me and they are the best! You must share with me how to create a mosiac using Picasa, all I know how to do is the scrambled one. I just discoved Picasa a couple of weeks ago and I love it!

  11. Maggie, these paintings make my heart flutter. The l'Orangerie had been closed for so many years that I've not been. I was anticipating such a visit this year. So thank you for sharing these photos. A beautiful mosaic, my friend.
    Stop by for a visit. There's a pig party going on. :-)

  12. Maggie,

    What a perfect Mosaic. I always adore works by Renoir and I have never seen that floral bouquet before.

    It is absolutely lovely.

    I always adore my stops here on the journey through Alphabe-Thursday and my visit today is no exception.

    You always make me feel welcome and inspired!


  13. Maggie, what a beautiful mosaic! These artists are all some of my favorites, the roses are a perfect centerpiece.

    Have a wonderful Friday in Normandy!

  14. Oh...so beautiful. Thank you for injecting beauty into my day!

  15. i cannot even imagine getting to see all of these wonderful paintings and just about everything else that resides in Paris ... sigh ...

  16. How wonderfully beautiful. I love art and love museums...someday I want to return to Paris and go to some of the great museums.

  17. What a lovely mosaic. I love Renoir. Thank you for the helpful info about photo management and editing too. I'm always interested in what others are using.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  18. What a beautiful post! I love the center Renoir. Gorgeous mosaic, and how lucky to be able to see these magnificent works in person. Kathy


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