Tuesday, 29 June 2010

X is for Xel-Ha on the Mexican Riviera Maya.

I really thought I would have to blame poor Mr Ben for eating my homework when it came to the letter X assignment for Mrs Matlock's Alphabe-Thurday class.
I hadn't a clue what to write about this week.
Then............a couple of days ago whilst sipping early morning tea in bed and chatting with DH we started to brainstorm words beginning with X.
Xanadu (bad film starring Olivia Newton John).
Xenophobe (what does that mean?).
Xylophone (We digressed a little here reminiscing about the small tinny metal xylophones we both had as small children growing up in 1950's England. Bashing on the brightly coloured metal strips with a wooden stick with a rubber tip, we were easily pleased! Mrs M has a great image of one of these on her post today.)
and then..............
my eyes fell on a framed photograph standing on a nearby chest of drawers, and bingo!
In 1998 we made the first of many very enjoyable trips to Cancun, Mexico and whilst there spent a day enjoying the delights of Xel-Ha, situated on the Mayan Riviera.
The official Xel-Ha website describes it perfectly:
Hidden 30 miles south of Playa del Carmen, 60 from Cancun, or 8 miles north of Tulum, is an inlet of heavenly design, a sanctuary of amazing biological wealth within the Riviera Maya, the scenario of Xel-Há, Natural Wonder.
Renowned as one of the most important Natural Wonders of Mexico, its rich underwater life and luscious jungle are complemented with unforgettable activities, world-class service, and an award-winning philosophy for its constant commitment to nature and social development.

You can spend hours just floating along in a rubber raft just like this happy couple did.

Mrs B wears a new canvas & straw hat and T shirt to combat the sun's heavy rays. As a non swimmer she also sports a fetching blue & black life jacket.
Despite appearances to the contrary Mr B is wearing swim shorts and did not "go commando" that day.

There are so many wonderful things to experience at Xel-Ha, colourful parrots and butterflies abound, you can go snorkling through the cenotes, swim with dolphins, shop, dine in super restaurants and listen to fabulous music provided by a strolling mariachi band.

Click on the link to see an excellent Xel-Ha YouTube video from JcVdude, and click on this link for dansobrino's YouTube video, the Mariachi Cobre band to get you in the mood before dancing over to Jenny's place to see plenty of Xciting blogs from around the world.


  1. Fun post. I imagine that X would be a difficult letter. It will be interesting to see what everyone comes up with.

  2. Wonderful X post! You look like you are having so much fun. I am pondering my X post and will have to get it done soon!

  3. Maggie,
    Very fine x-post. Looks like the two of you have a lot fun.


  4. Hi Maggie,
    Perfect X post. I really enjoyed seeing the two of you having so much fun on the Mexican Riviera....and loved reading your commentary!
    We are leaving on Saturday for England. Next Wednesday we will be arriving in Paris for three days. Hoping to get some time in Scotland too! We are super excited!

  5. I never would have found anything for the X post! lol! You did great, however. Love the picture of two very happy 'people' on the inner tube! Looks like you were having a marvelous time!


  6. I can't believe that you picked this, as it was to have been my post too! We had such a great time there one winter - we stayed all day. It was in my pre-laser eye surgery days and it was the first time I had prescription goggles, so I could see everything underwater - what a thrill!

  7. What a relaxing place!
    I would love to visit Xel-Ha more than the hustle and bustle of the city. What a great place to go and drift!

  8. Gosh very eXotic for me! I may put it on my 'must visit' list! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Very cool place. I tend to stay in the USA maybe someday i wont

  10. Wonderful! When we stayed in Cancun, we took a trip to Xcaret...a marine park where we snorkeled through caves and swam with dolphins. Thank you for reminding me of that time.

  11. I watched the video and I am sold. Ready to go there! Good post.

  12. Great post! Small world - remember doing this trip a few years ago - it was XcellenT - Xpecially all the Xtremely huge fishies at the end! Happy X Day Maggie!

  13. Zel-Ha sounds like a wonderful vacation spot! Looks like the two of you are having a great time!

  14. i've been there, it was awesome :D

  15. What a fun stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "X"!

    You had me laughing at "commando".

    I enjoyed your clever use of the leter "X" and you didn't even resort to "fibs" like some of us.

    Thanks for helping make this meme so X-cellent!


  16. This looks like a wonderful place to visit. I am glad she has everything covered.

  17. Maggie, looks like the two of you are having a grand time. "You all" take the most amazing vacations! (Notice the little TX slang)
    Thanks for sharing this happy snapshot! ~ Sarah

  18. Oh wow, what a beautiful location! Thanks for sharing.

    Also, I think it is quite splendid that you and your husband talked over the assignment! Now that's teamwork!

    Great post :^)

  19. The Riviera Maya is my favorite place in the world (besides home) and I loved Xel-Ha - snorkeled for the first time in my life there in a cenote! EXcellent post, brings back eXciting memories.

  20. I have never heard of it, but it does sound wonderful!

  21. Hi Maggie,
    I'm glad you were able to reach into your "X files" and retrieve this wonderful memory to share with readers! It sounds like an absolute paradise!

    I had one of those little zylophones too! It seemed terribly entertaining in that pre-video games era. Speaking of silly fun, I (and probably 2 or 3 other people) didn't think Zanadu was all THAT bad!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Warmest regards,

  22. I too was in the X class...
    Please drop in when you can for my X-Post
    ~Excursion of Xeranthemum~
    on my blog here:

    Isn't Ms Jenny the best?
    So nice to meet you~and follow you through on your wonderful journey of water filled X delights...
    Viva la X :)
    Cute post...
    and love your puppy!

  23. Hi Maggie

    Great post. Looks like you had a great time on the "tube"

    I have a word for X an X-ray, which I have to have on Monday!!!

    Have a great weekend, best wishes, Jackie.

  24. Commando! That image grabbed me. This is a beautiful, and informative take on X. Thanks

  25. Great, fun post. I had to LOL saying that Mr. B wasn't going commando. Too funny. Great X post.

  26. This sounds like paradise. That picture speaks volumes.

  27. What a cute little Cocker !!!
    I like the color.


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