Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Potager update.

Red Wharf Bay, Anglesey, North Wales.
Home again after a wonderful trip to the UK to celebrate my big 60, with family and friends.
I was concerned that the heatwave, that both UK and France have been enjoying (?) whilst we were away, would have wreaked havoc in the potager, but (big sigh of relief) all was well.
My ex BFF, Kate, above, gave me this for my birthday!
Me & my new BFF toasting my health with a glass or two of Pol Roger Champagne. (Kate gave me that too, so maybe she can still be my BFF?)

My BFF #2, in situ in the potager.

Earlier this afternoon I dug up some potatoes for us to enjoy this evening, these are the first this year, also a salad/spring/scallion onion to enhance the potato salad that I'll be making.

Scarlet runner bean flowers.
Hopefully I'll get another good crop this year, it wouldn't be summer without these beans. Should there be a glut, they do freeze very well, or maybe I could find a runner bean soup recipe somewhere on line?
Perhaps not, when I blogged about my lettuce soup recipe not everyone who saw it was convinced, but I swear it's delicious!
à bien tôt


  1. Hi Maggie, welcome home

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Belated birthday wishes for your 60th

    It must be lovely to pick potatoes and onion, straight from the garden and use them, I know my dad had a big garden and an allotment and that is what he did.

    I like your new best friend, I hope he has sun protection on for all this sun we are having?


  2. Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!

  3. Oh, Maggie, I think Kate's gift is adorable. She is perfect to keep watch over the potager. Well, you might want to bring her in out of the elements now and then to keep her safe.
    I'll raise my glass of champage to your 60th. Happy Birthday, dear friend! ~ Sarah

  4. I am so glad you had a good trip. Your potager looks like it did very well. Beautiful potatoes, and we gardeners can say that because planting the seed doesn't always mean we will grow something we can eat! lol!

    Happy Birthday, Maggie!


  5. Birthday greetings to you! Your potager is gorgeous and to think you're already enjoying potatoes.

    Waft some of the heat our way - I'm still wearing sweaters and jeans.

    Your new BFF will look charming in your potager.


  6. Happy belated birthday wishes Maggie. I love your new friend. How wonderful to be able to dig up your own potatoes and vegetables.I'll have a glass of rosé later to toast on your birthday.

  7. If I was your EX BFF, I'd be JEALOUS of the NEW BFF!!! It ain't easy being replaced by a scare-girl.

  8. Welcome back - and a belated Happy Birthday!
    We're not picking anything from our garden just yet. It's still fairly cool and dull here - sun this morning, then the clouds rolled in. I love your new BFF, but I'll bet she doesn't keep you in bubbly!

  9. You must have had a lovely birthday and I have yet to make your lettuce soup but plan to because we always end up with too much lettuce in the garden. I actually had a conversation about lettuce soup the other day because a friend had used some leftover lettuce to make soup and she said it was a most delicious soup - almost the same as I remembered your recipe to be. Happy Birthday - You've joined the club!

  10. Happy birthday! Enjoyed the photo of Wales. My grandmother's family was Welsh. It's hot here, too, in the south USA - also humid! Those potatoes look wonderful - and so fresh and organic! Linda

  11. Maggie,

    Sorry I missed your birthday! I hope it was a happy one, my friend. Your garden looks very productive. I like your new best friend but I really your BF's green handbag!!!

    Have a great week.


  12. You look so beautiful! Happy Birthday! wow!~You could be a Calendar Girl! :) Hope I look half as good as you do on this birthday. So young, so happy, wonderful!
    Love your gift and the garden is beautiful! I guess you saw where a coon(s?) got into my garden and wiped out my tomatoes?!!? ugh! and I was home! lol

  13. Happy Birthday, Maggie!

    Would I ever love to pull up some home grown potatoes and make a salad with them! Lucky you.

    Your new BFF seems to like champagne. Are you certain you should be spoiling him so much??

  14. Fabulous spending your special day with you. I will still be your BFF long after the demise of 'Aunt Sally'

  15. Happy Belated 60th Birthday greetings and blessings. So happy to see you got to go home and visit friends and family to celebrate the event!

    Thanks for sharing...


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