Monday, 30 August 2010

Is there anything better than home made cake?

Have you been to visit Barbara at her wonderful gourmet food blog "Moveable Feasts"?
I have been a follower for some time and I always feel as if I've discovered a really great cook book, written by a talented chef and author, when I read Barbara's recipes.
She has an excellent way with words and I always come away from her blog determined to try to recreate the delicious foodie delight which she shared with us that day.
Well, yesterday I did just that and so I would like to say thank you to Barbara for sharing the recipe for Pear Amaretto Crumble Cake.
Mr B loves what he calls "plain cake", no cream, no icing/frosting and no chocolate! Barb's cake had his name all over it.
It's so rare that I have all the ingredients necessary to bake a" spur of the moment cake".
I did have apples, pears (home grown), walnuts, lemons, almost all the store cupboard dry ingredients but no almond flour.

Tucked away at the back of the shelf I found a packet of ground almonds, fine and silky, so I used that instead.
Raided the cocktail cabinet but no Amaretto was to be found, instead I used Benedictine Liqueur made by monks at the Benedictine Abbey in F├ęcamp, Normandy.

Nous habitons en Normandie n'est pas?

Although the recipe is very easy to follow, it required an enormous amount of kit!

Not just the KitchenAid mixer but also the Kenwood food processer, several bowls, Dualit electric hand whisk, kitchen scales, measuring spoons and cups and jugs and pans.
Oh, but it was worth the great big pile of washing up that I had to do. whilst the cake was baking.

I can tell you that the cake is delicious, perfect for Sunday afternoon tea and this morning's elevenses, we enjoyed both. I think the mixture would also eat well as a muffin too.
Merci Beaucoup Barb!
P.S. DH just wandered by and asked "Will I be having a piece of that lovely cake with my tea this afternoon?" Say no more..............................


  1. Oh Maggie Sweetie...
    I am knocking on your door, please let me in for coffee and cake this morning. Oh my I can smell it from Phoenix. Does it ever look and sound scrumptous.

    I too am one of those plain cake gals. I always cut myself one piece before I frost it for the others, as being an insulin diabetic I have learned to do without a few of the extras. Nothing like plain warm cake from the oven.

    I do not know Barbara but I am about to. Many thanks for the share sweet friend. Have a gorgeous week.

    Country hugs, Sherry

  2. Good morning, Maggie.
    That cake looks like just my sort of cake. While I'm happy to make the ooey-gooey ones I'm always happiest with pound cakes and what the Danes call Sand Cakes. I'll have to take a peek at Barb's blog site - thanks for the tip.

  3. Maggie, that is a perfect picture of a perfect cake :-). I'd really love a slice of it. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  4. That looks very good. I like those kind of cakes with coffee.

  5. That cake looks moist and flavourfull - perfect with a cup of tea. Yum!
    Did your husband leave any for the next day?

  6. Looks so yummy! I want to reach through the screen and help myself to a slice!

  7. Maggie, this is just my kind of cake. I'm with Mr. B here, though I've been know to eat my share of chocolate cake. LOL
    Looks delicious. Wish I could be there for tea this afternoon. ~ sarah

  8. Looks delicous Maggie, I can just imagine a slice with a good cup of tea. Enjoy for us!

  9. Oh yum. This looks really good. It always feels so good to bake something like that to have. I usually double or triple a recipe so I can freeze some for later. Clean up once...serve many times.

  10. mmm ... that does look yummy!

  11. I'm so pleased you made the recipe, Maggie! And loved it. We did too...and I'm going to make it for the ladies' coffee I'm having later in the month.

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  13. This looks so good and you make it sound all the better. I don't know Barbara, but I'm off to explore her blog and copy the recipe. The mixture of pears and apples definately says fall!

    - The Tablescaper


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