Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Around and about le Presbytère

For Outdoor Wednesday this week graciously hosted as always by Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer, some snaps taken around and about during the last few days.
One of our wild/tame moorhens finishing off Ben's breakfast this morning.

A perfect looking mushroom growing at the side of the lane, didn't pick it though as I'm unsure which ones are safe to eat. Possibly this one was o.k. but didn't want to risk food poisoning, or worse.
We saw these white cows relaxing in a field, safe behind barbed wire fencing, whilst on our Sunday walk last weekend.
Imagine our surprise as we rounded the bend to find this escapee, who definately knew that the grass was greener on the other side. After snapping him quickly, I beat a hasty retreat.
After many weeks of waiting, finally, red tomatoes! These robust heirloom tomatoes are rich, juicy and full of flavour. Ben, as usual, is never far away.

Now, head over to A Southern Daydreamer to follow Hurricane Earl's progress along the Eastern US coast.


  1. Love your photos of the beautiful outdoors. That is funny that the white cow was out free.

  2. Maggie, I love the pics, but the cows are my favorite! Why are French cows so charming looking? Linda

  3. Sweet cow. It surely was enjoying that forbidden treat.

    You were wise to leave the mushroom. My brother has studied mushrooms for years and is very cautious at picking them. The dangers are real.

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  4. Maggie, how I love heirloom tomatoes! Yours look delicious, how nice to be able to gather your own. My one plant didn't produce a lot.

    Ben is such a good companion too.

    And of course, the cows, I adore those photos. Keep them coming.

  5. You have some lovely views around your house, Maggie. I'd thoroughly enjoy my walks, too. The cows are different~I've never seen an entire white one!

    How do you like the taste of the heirloom tomatoes? I've thought about trying some from the store, just to have a taste and then maybe grow them. They are so pretty, too!

    Happy September 1!!


  6. Your cows are quite cute...I loved all the photos:)

  7. What a cheery post! The look on the bull's face is priceless - he knows he's been caught in the act!

  8. Great outdoor post! The cows are cute in their white suit!

  9. Ys, Maggie, that lovely cow does seem to be giving you the eye!

    Marvelous photos. I'm at a loss about most mushrooms too, but I used to forage for morels. They are simple to recognize and so delicious.

  10. Maggie, late visiting this one. Love the cows!
    Glad that Earl didn't impact Hilton Head and Savannah. But now it's headed to my beloved Nantucket. ~ Sarah


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