Monday, 23 August 2010

Normandy delights: Calvados and Cows

Today my friend and fellow Quimper faience collector Cerelle, has blogged about her love of cows on the QCI Blog.
Followers of my blog will already know that I too love cows.
Well, as cows spend a great part of the year in the fields surrounding our home here in the Calvados region of Normandy, I guess I have to love 'em!
"Bossy" Cerelle's favourite cow has six little cups hanging from her sides and a spigot beneath.
If she were a souvenir of Normandy and not Auvergne, Cerelle supposes that she might be dispensing some of Normandy's famous apple based liquer, Calvados.
One of the sweetest Quimper faience services, designed for serving our special "eau de vie de cidre", that I ever came across, is the one shown here.
In the very popular Ivoire Corbeille decor a pomme shaped jug/decanter complete with apple shaped stopper and six small cups sit nicely on a round serving tray, parfait!
à votre santé


  1. It's hard to decide which is nicer, the Quimper or the cows!

  2. I love the cows, Maggie. Love the Quimper, too.

    Have a great week my friend.


  3. I have a loevly little broken-and-glued-back-together Quimper candlestick - I somethimes think it's the only piece I'll be able to afford!

    It's great to 'meet' you, and to haev you on board for the Magazine Swap.

  4. The Great Dane knows that when we finally make it to Quimper and environs he'll have to be as patient as when we visit the Royal Copenhagen stores - porcelain and pottery are two of my passions.
    I like the cows too!....but I won't be saying that out loud to TGD!

  5. Maggie, as you know well, I love 'your' cows. I meant to mention them in my comment on Cerelle's blog. To me they always seem so peaceful, evoke such a sense of tranquility out in the pastures of Normandy and elsewhere.
    Thank you for letting me know they came home.

    Have a great day!

  6. You know, I'm getting in line as one who loves cows.
    I love the thought that you can look out your window to see these beautiful animals.
    Pretty IC set, Maggie. I'm still curious as to why these pitchers are shaped as they are. I have an apple shaped calvados pitcher as well as a pear shaped. Any suggestions? ~ Sarah

  7. Oh YES! I just love your blog on cows and Calvados! Your blogs always have such beautiful backgrounds and photos..Very lovely, Maggie!

  8. Oh Maggie! That is so charming!


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