Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Growing and going green.

It's Outdoor Wednesday where all things green are often celebrated, the Rainbow Summer School is going green too this week.

After the torrential rain we have experienced this past week (ever since I wrote about the Hazy Lazy days, actually) everything in my garden is refreshed, luscious and green, indeed.
How about these gorgeous espaliered apples and pears growing against a usually sunny, ancient stone wall?
In the potager along with the organic fruits and vegetables, some of which I blogged about in last week's Summer School project, I cultivate a few culinary herbs. Tasty green chives, and leaves from my Bay tree enhanced by nature's tears above, and below flat leaf parsley growing right alongside a new crop of dwarf haricot beans.
The Scarlet runner bean crop had been excellent this year, they love the rain it seems, but once again I think there'll be plenty of green tomatoes for frying and making chutney this autumn.

Many thanks to Susan & Jenny for graciously hosting these excellent meme's. Click on the links on my sidebar to see who else is going green this week.


  1. Oh how I long for green. We are so burnt up from the scorchin' heat. The grasses are brown and crunchy, the cattle are heat stressed. We have had three weeks of 100-105 weather and NO rain. You green is beauty to my soul. Thank you dear one for bringin' some wonderful color into my day.

    God bless and have a terrific day sweetie!!!

  2. Your garden is lovely! Thank you for sharing it with us. I know that you are so proud of your harvest. We have been so hot for the last few weeks but we have had rain the last couple of days, blessed rain.

  3. Well I would say that you definitely have a green thumb! Your fruits and vegetables all look fabulous! How wonderful to have such a selection of goodies right in your own garden.

  4. I think we'll also have lots of green tomatoes this fall - there will be green tomato curry as well as chutney. Your plants look so fat and healthy!

  5. I think my garden wants to be your garden when it grows up! That all looks so wonderful and even in the Northwest we are thankful for the rain and its wonderful affects!

  6. Oh my your garden is producing a bounty of good edibles! It is good to see, we finally had some rain yesterday, but for the most part, we are roasting here.

  7. Your garden is going to yield a wonderful bounty for you. Love the pears and tomatoes! I cannot wait to start my garden this coming season.

    ~ Tracy

  8. Such beautiful greens...I envy having rain...we are so dry here in the summer.

  9. Beautiful garden. I wish mine looked like that. Well done.

  10. I absolutely LOVE your garden! I wish I had a green thumb like that! Then again, I'm not very good with patience either :)

  11. Your garden looks truly amazing. I am glad you got some cool refreshing rain.

  12. Hi again!

    Love the green in your beautiful garden - everything looks so juicy & healthy!!

    Happy AlphabeThursday Green,


    btw My own AlphabeThursday Green is posted if you can join me HERE!

  13. Those green tomatoes look so good. They'd look even better dusted with flour and frying up in my frying pan!

  14. Great photos. Your garden sure is lovely.

  15. Your garden looks good - I wish I was more green fingered! Happy harvesting all your goodies!

  16. We had some DELISH Green Beens in our garden this summer. it was fabulous!

  17. I love my garden...We have to water twice a day because of the heat but it is worth it......I just gotta see some green!

  18. your garden looks so beautiful ... i think you must have great big green thumbs as everything looks so vibrant and healthy!!! Fabulous Green post!!!

  19. Maggie,

    Gorgeous. Beautiful photos and beautiful produce.


  20. Stone walls!?!

    Espaliered fruit?!?


    Love this post.

    Your verdant green refreshes my "sick of the desert soul".

    I really enjoyed my stop here.

    Thank you for linking.



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