Monday, 13 September 2010

Lori's Retro Glamor Shots Party!

A few weeks back Lori over @ Family Trees May Contain Nuts (no kidding!) had the bright idea of throwing a Retro Glamor Shots partay!
She said...............
You remember those photos you had done 20 years ago where they did your hair and makeup? We would have them at our houses and the crew of photographer, hairdresser and make up artist would come and we would have a party. Food, wine, friends and some amazing transformations. An assembly line of women in various stages of super modeldom. Don't be shy, share these great photos with all of us. Some will be funny and some will be awesome but hey they are all us and we are always a work in progress.

I never went to one of those parties ~ but once upon a time, back in the early nineties it must have been ~ whilst on holiday in the States ~  in a mall somewhere ~ I  was lured into a photographer's studio and persuaded by Mr B to have a Glamour Shots Makeover!
My hair was artfully teased into a bouffant style, not easy to do when you wear it as short as I have always done.
The make up artist did a super job of revealing hidden cheek bones and accentuating my eyes.

"Backstage " at the photographer's I was encouraged to play in the "dressing up box" and find accessories to accentuate the look.
By the way what about those eye glasses? Aren't they huge?
I actually owned those and several others very similar in style.
I remember a red pair that I was quite taken with, very Sally Jessy Raphael!
I still think these earrings are amazing!

The pearls made me look like Mrs Thatcher, but the cleavage was all mine.
Although we did create some other "looks" during the session, including a really sassy rock chic clad in denim, and a diva complete with bright pink feather boa, I have only been able to find these three shots to share today.
Thanks to Lori for the nostalgia trip and for hosting this fun Retro Glamour Shots Party.
Click on the link to see who else is revealing all today.


  1. Great shots Maggie-too fun! I remember those stores at the mall!

  2. Maggie, I never had a glamour shot taken though I do remember the places in the malls that one could do this. You look lovely, my dear! What fun photos. Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

  3. Very nice Maggie!
    You look quite lovely.
    I love the pearls, they are always classy and you know those bigger eye glasses will be back in style soon. I noticed how big sunglasses got this summer.
    I have to go work on my post, this is fun!

  4. Maggie thanks so much for joining in. You and I with our short hair back then.
    It was like playing dress up for grown ups.
    Your pictures are great. Too bad you didn't find the others too. You look like you are head of a major news casting team....and back to you Ted. Lol. Very pretty and professional looking.

  5. This looks like you were having fun! I am so glad I found your blog -- you are new to me. What a great place you live!

  6. You look beautiful, Maggie! I love your hairstyle and the big glasses are actually flattering with your skin tone.

    We still have those Glamour Shots studios in the malls here...never been to one, but it all sounds like fun. How flattering that hubby wanted you to have pics taken!!


  7. You look FABULOUS, honey, just fabulous. My daughter did that one time and I didn't recognize her!

  8. Maggie,

    What great shots. I only have one shot like that and I'm not sure if I have scanned it into the computer yet!

    You look simply marvelous!


  9. What a lot of fun! Love the retro glamour shots. I wish I'd done something like that!

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  11. Monica@The White Bench said...
    Hello Maggie,
    Just found your blog through the party. You look divine in those pictures! And I do love the pearls and big glasses. I noticed you live in Normandy... I have very happy memories of my holidays spent there! I'd love to come back.

  12. Bonsoir, maggie b! I have alas no glamourous photos from any stage of life to date, but I do have a little stash of magazines that I would love to post to Normandy. Floss directs us to get to know our partners by reading their blog- but I can see I need to spend time here and savour! Although your homage to the Musee de Carnavalet encourages me- it is my favourite little musee in Paris! A tres bientot..

  13. You look great!!! I wish I could get my hair to have as much height as they got it to for those pics.

  14. I love those "movie star" shots!!! Beautiful!!!

  15. How fun. You looked cute in yours. I did Glam shots in about '91.

    I'm so embarrassed.

  16. You look purty!
    Sorry I'm late but that's nothing new!

  17. I don't know how I missed this - you look like a star!

  18. Not too bad actually. Have a great day.

  19. You outta be in pictures with such a beautiful smile, finely boned cheeks,and those pearly whites,I imagine your voice could hold the audience spellbound as someone tinkled the ivories behind you...

  20. Wow! I wouldn't have recognized you, fabulous............and you're even lovelier now Maggie!

    I've never like having my pic taken so steered clear of those glamour shot places at the mall....headed to the shoe shops instead LOL!


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