Saturday, 11 September 2010

Zuppa di Pane e Pomodoro.

Shadows cross hatch an autumnal table setting.
I'm combining two themes today and linking to Shadow Shot Sunday @ Hey Harriet's blog in Oz and Sesonal Sunday hosted by The Tablescaper.
There is a slight chill in the mornings in Normandy now as we head into autumn, it's time to start thinking about putting the potager to sleep, I suppose.
I have been spending time this week clearing out the raised beds, but the haricot beans are still coming through and there's plenty of lettuces to enjoy.

After having nothing but green tomatoes for weeks and weeks there were suddenly masses of over ripe red tomatoes on the vines, so for lunch yesterday I made Zuppa di Pane e Pomodoro, (tomato and bread soup).

Katie & Giancarlo Caldesi
I found the recipe in Katie & Giancarlo Caldesi's cookbook "The Italian Mama's Kitchen", which is full of wonderful authentic home-style recipes.
Click on the link to visit La Cucina Caldesi Cookery School.

I'm ashamed to say that this cookbook has languished on the shelf for over three years and although I've dipped in and out, to read the recipes and salivate over the stunning photography, this was the first recipe from it that I have attempted.

Zuppa di Pane e Pomodoro, with parmesan shavings, served in a simple white ceramic bowl on a "Gien" artichoke under plate.
I'm not sure if there was a typo in the ingredients list but I found that 200ml of vegetable stock was nowhere near enough liquid for the quantity of bread suggested, so I added a 200ml bottle of tomato juice and all of the liquid obtained from deseeding the tomatoes during prep.
Was it good??
I thought so, it's certainly my sort of comfort food but although he finished his bowlful Mr B said that he wouldn't order it in a restaurant.

Email me if you'd like the recipe, nevertheless.


  1. I love your shadow shot and the soup - Mmmmmm :-)

  2. The restaurant probably didn't add the tomato juice, so homemade is better! The color of this dish is stunning, and tomatoes and bread combined in a soup or ram and delicious (including the bread) is a late summer treat...

  3. Your shadow shot is beautiful! The recipe sounds good, but I'm such a bad cook I probably would not try it.

  4. Your shadow shot is stunning and your table centerpiece is gorgeous. The soup sounds interesting. Hugs, Marty

  5. I have several cookbooks that I love to look at but have never cooked from. They are just like art and I often display them on an book easel in my kitchen.
    Some recipes really look better and sound better than they taste though. We have had several not so great dishes that we would never make again.

  6. what lovely shadowy table shots - very autumnal and atmospheric!!

  7. We have yet to get a tomato off our vines but if all the blooms I see suddenly turn into a tomato, this sounds perfect. It looks wonderful

  8. yummy.....less than hour and it's dinner time... :)

  9. Beautiful shot, Maggie! Perfect for fall, as is the soup. I am guilty of having too many cookbooks and not doing more than admiring the recipes and art. But I suppose that now the weather is getting warm, I'll be making some great dishes. Your soup looks delicious!!


  10. Maggie, gorgeous shadow shots and such a lovey table for this dish. I'm not a tomato girl, but "chef" would certainly like this dish. ~ Sarah

  11. Until I came to your blog, I only thought of Normandy as a place my daddy was in WWII. Now I'm intrigued by your lovely ShadowShots (& food!). I have to go back now and read your previous posts.

  12. Don't you love finding gems in old cookbooks? And this is certainly a gem, Maggie.
    (Your shadow shot is wonderful! I do love The Tablescaper blog.)

  13. That looks really inviting.

    Shadow Shot at my page.

  14. Wonderful shadow shots and I loved the wee glimpse into your world, just wonderful and the soup looked fantastic, thank you.

  15. I'm pretty particular about tomato soup, as it's my favorite - so I'll take Mr Normandy' Life's word for it and give this one a pass.
    Beautiful shadow shot!

  16. Lovely shadows on the table...and lovely able as well.

  17. Now I am hungry.. and you are to blame hahaha.

    Hanover Park shadows.

  18. Yummo! It looks very much like my sort of comfort food too! And the shadows look rather tasty also :)

    Hope you have a great week ahead!

  19. Maggie,
    I really like your header, so French country. I will try the recipe. Thanks,
    xo Jenny

  20. Maggie, Why not let Mr B cook the next tomato meal?? ... j

  21. Maggie,

    Beautiful photography. I love your new header.

    I am a tomato lover. But I like them just sliced. Love insalata caprese.

    The dish looks wonderful, though.

    Have a great week.


  22. Judy.............last night Mr B made a wonderful lamb rogan josh, with tomatoes from my vines of course! It was delicious.

  23. Gorgeous images.

    I have tried a few new recipes lately and have had success, although I always wonder when I start out if it will be edible.:-) Your soup looks good. It's getting to be soup weather here in Missouri.

  24. I have languishing cookbooks as well. I love what you have found in yours! Beautiful images and the soup looks divine! Thanks for the heads up about the liquid content.
    I love having soup and bread for dinner. We usually have it once a week.
    You set such a welcoming table.

  25. this looks delish! & your shadows are lovely too.

  26. Yummy! Yummy! That looks so good lady! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  27. Looks interesting. Love that you put it all out there - even if it wasn't a rave review by your hubby!
    Has that wonderful autumnal look.

    Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  28. I'm still waiting for my green tomatos to turn.?. Seems very late this year.

    Your tablescape looks wonderful and I love the shadow shots!

  29. Great picture znd I like the changes you're making to your blog header...fall is in the air.

  30. Thanks for popping by my blog earlier today. It's nice to meet you.

    How fun that you live in France. It's one of those places I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to visit one day. But given that I'm not a lover of flying, I don't see it happening. It would be SO exciting to see places that are so rich in centuries of history.



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