Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Meandering through the churchyard.

The mornings here in Normandy are chilly now, with low lying mist hovering over the tree tops making the view from our bedroom windows seem mysterious and more interesting somehow.
After a while the sun comes out and the mist tends to fade away.

One morning recently I wandered down to the churchyard to try and capture some shadow shots in the same way that I was able to in January.
Click here to see those.

However, on this occasion there were no crisp shadow lines to be had, just soft and mellow ones draped across the grassy banks and footpath leading to the church itself.

Instead I turned my attention to the fascinating crumbling, lichen covered, headstones, tumbled down upon one another in places, and the now rusty, elaborate wrought iron work, posts and chains surrounding them.
Later, walking back up the drive to the house, I suddenly had the feeling I was being watched..........
by these guys
well you should know by now that here in Normandy there are cows wherever you go!
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  1. Your photos illustrate how a graveyard can be a fascinating place to explore. The wrought iron decorative elements are interesting to see. Here in Canada, so many of the graves are of granite. Every spring there is a community cleanup of the graveyard ...a small quiet space surrounded by aspen, poplar and spruce trees.

  2. Misty autumn mornings followed by sunny afternoons are the best part of fall.
    All that architectural ironwork is lovely with the patina of age. I don't even know where the graveyard in our new little town is. Something to find out!

  3. Maggie: These are really wonderful images. I'm not a fan of the coming cool weather (!) but I do love the mist/fog on the fields in the morning.
    Really nice; thanks!

  4. This is beautiful! I have a little pile of magazines for you- well, two? Send me an email with your address!

  5. I loved the shot of the church. I am fascinated by old graveyards. When I was outside of Cambridge this summer we wandered down to the village church. The grounds were full of old tombstones...it was a very interesting place.
    Loved your photos.

  6. What fun shots, Maggie. Love seeing those Normandy cows! ~ Sarah

  7. What a beautiful place to walk, Maggie. I like the peacefulness of a churchyard - they are mostly old, as so few people are buried anymore - it's all the thing to have oneself tossed, as ashes in the wind.

  8. Spectacular finds in the cemetary to photograph.
    Joyce M

  9. I like the misty churchyard. It's interesting to see what one can find in churchyard and cemetery.

  10. You really captured the phenomenon that is autumn morning.

  11. 1st thanks for visitng today, it was ncie to meet you, I love the pic's, I've never thought to capture shadow shots, I'll have to give that a try!

  12. Oh there are those cows, Maggie, aren't they a comfort to have around?
    The graveyard is interesting too, looks like it has been around a long time. I love seeing the headstones.

    Have a great day!

  13. I enjoyed this walk with you very much...I love seeing old elements in cemeteries...
    Mama Bear

  14. Wonderful photos, I love that old church. Churchs are some of our favorite things to photograph, the shadows are lovely. The old crosses are beautiful in all of their rusty goodness, aren't they! I loved all of these, thanks so much for showing them. And thanks very much for visiting me and leaving a sweet comment.
    Hugs, Cindy

  15. Is this, technically, your backyard. Your profile said you lived in a Presbyter. Lovely photos.

  16. Maggie, what a beautiful misty morning capture. Wonderful images of the churchyard. Thanks for sharing.

  17. A serene, peaceful place, even in it's somewhat tumble down state. And I can't think of anything nicer than to have grazing cows looking out over your eternal resting place.

  18. Love not only your misty photos, but the beauty you found in the light of day. Wonderful photos!

  19. such gorgeous countryside you get to enjoy...

  20. I love these images Maggie - I want to come back to France and see your area so much!

    Autumn here at last - the past two days I've actually been able to breathe cool air and wear a cardi.

    Hugs Mary

  21. I really love these graveyard images Maggie. I need to go early to one nearby and get photos - but have to wait 'til the first frost kills the mosquitoes!!


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