Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Door push plates for Alphabe-Thursday

Every week I receive a lovely email newsletter from my friend Judy aka Brittany Byways.
She always has lots of lovely Quimper items for sale, antique, vintage and new pieces.

Recently she offered a pair of blue and white door push plates which I knew immediately were destined to be mine.
Luckily I was the first of her clients to email back about them and within days they arrived here in Normandy.
Here they are enhancing our pristine white bedroom door, don't they look the bees knees?
Knew they would!
FYI it's the door that isn't straight not Mr B's handiwork.
Close up of shell motif
Joining Jenny for Alphabe-Thursday this week where the letter D is in the spotlight, be sure to go over and see who else is participating today.


  1. They are lovely, Maggie. I enjoy that sort of extra touch in a house. These are perfect for a bedroom - good find!

  2. I've never had any door push plates, but they are such a WONDERFUL idea. I HATE the dirty smudges on doors that are constantly being pushed open and closed!

  3. Very nice, Maggie! I know how much you love Quimper!


  4. These are beautiful. I still owe you some pictures of my Quimper.

  5. Beautiful Maggie, Judy had some nice ones.

  6. I love blue and white. These are fantastic because you can touch constantly!

  7. those plates are just lovely Maggie, they sure enhance the door and they just add so much character to the door!

  8. I love those! Where can I get some??

  9. Maggie, so happy these went to live with you! Judy had several nice offerings. I was eyeing some of these myself. ;-)

  10. I have never seen these before. They are so pretty I would love to have some myself.

  11. ever so pretty, and so practical

  12. Maggie...those are DIVINE. And perfect on your door.

  13. Oh sweetie, they are just charming. I'm just thrilled you were able to get them.

    Ya'll have a magnificently blessed day sweetie!!!

  14. Oh, wow. These are so gorgeous. I've never seen anything like this except in brass.

    It is like door jewelry almost.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely decor with us this week for Alphabe-Thursday.

    I am so charmed by this post.


  15. They are beautiful!

    My mum used to make push door plates from dried flowers and seeds. We had them all over our house.

  16. Maggie, they are beautiful. I bought some door push plates too - probably from the same email from Judy. Yours look beautiful on the door. laurie


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