Saturday 16 October 2010

Early morning shadows in quiet rooms.

Early morning sun streaming into the house earlier this week created some wonderful shadows in quiet downstairs rooms.
I quickly grabbed my Lumix to try and capture as many as I could.
A shadowy vignette atop the wood burning stove
 in the sitting room inglenook fireplace.
An antique pewter jug casts a mirror image shadow
 on the fireplace wall behind the stove
A double wall sconce in the dining room
 transformed into a quadruple wall sconce.
Light shining through the multipaned door and
 metal chain screen creates an intricate effect
 on the Breton repeater clock
 and wall cupboard in the kitchen.
Sharing these shadowy images with all the shadow shot fans gathered over at Hey Harriet's blog for Shadow Shot Sunday # 126 today.


  1. Great shots, Maggie.
    Thinking about each of you and the latest French strike. Good luck! Do you have a backup plan?
    Hope to see you soon. ~ sarah

  2. Fabulous shadow photos, everyone of them.

  3. Maggie I am not sure when you are leaving, but Bon Voyage.

    You are getting very good with your Shadow Shots!

    All best,

  4. I loved your shadow shots. The first one is my favorite. The way the light is coming in it really showcases that fireplace. Great pictures.

  5. One can feel the stillness of the early morning from your shots.
    We're hearing so much about the strikes - I hope that this hasn't affected your departure.

  6. Maggie,

    Beautiful pictures. Hope the strike is settled so you can take your trip.

    Great shadows.


  7. those are so pretty and so calm and soothing ... i love the shots.

  8. Solemness here. I love it! All shots are a fave.

    Happy SS...


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