Sunday, 5 December 2010

A Pause in Advent, Week 2.

If you've been reading my blog this week you will have some idea of what this second Advent week was like for me.
The heavy snow fall definitely gave me pause for thought as it curtailed many of our daily activities and gave me the gift of time.
Time for a long, really long, I'm talking over an hour long, chat with my sister Rhonda who lives in Australia. Our phone calls are usually much shorter affairs and I so enjoyed being able to sit and talk  without one eye on the clock.
She has had quite a trying year this year with many ups and downs with her health & relationships.
But when we spoke this week she was beginning to come to terms with the end of one set of circumstances and starting to look forward once again.
Living so far away this big sister can but be a shoulder to cry on, to share the tears and then the laughter as she described some new people she had met and how much she was looking forward to collecting her new puppy, Sophie a companion for Roy who is getting on in years, in the New Year.
Being virtually housebound had other advantages too, I had plenty of time to bring the Christmas boxes down from their various hiding places in the attics.
There are many Christmas parties happening in blogland at the moment and I had thought that I would never be ready in time to participate.
I've had two peaceful days to sort through my collections of Christmas ephemera and decide where and how to display it all.
With all of the amazing vignettes and mantles that my fellow bloggers have been sharing in the past few days, I have been inspired to mix things up a little and think outside the box.
More about that soon.
The snow has all but gone, there was a very rapid thaw all day yesterday and the ditches are overflowing, trying to cope with the runoff.
Sadly, we did have one casualty from all that white stuff...........................

our ancient apple tree, which is riddled with Mistletoe, finally gave way beneath the extra weight.
Looking on the bright side ....................
I shan't have to send Mr B up a long ladder to harvest some white berries to decorate the hall chandelier this year.
I'll easily be able to gather arm fulls of Mistletoe sans problem.

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bon dimanche à tous.


  1. Wow - all our mistletoe is so HIGH! Imagine having some that has conveniently brought itself down to your level...

    I have also had a few pauses this week (for which I am enormously grateful) although our forecast snow never arrived. Instead, people I've been teaching are beginning to reach the end of their 2010 lessons, and I'll have a bit of a break until 2011. What a relief!

  2. It's always sad when an older tree starts to fail. I guess they have a life span too. I could use a gift of time in the house. Send some of that snow to me!

  3. Sorry your tree suffered from the snow, it was a very harsh winter last year many folks lost trees here! Glad you see the positive in it though-enjoy:@)

  4. It's hard to lose an old tree - you'll have to give some thought to what you'd like in its place.
    Sometimes being housebound for a week is a huge gift - sounds like it was that for you.

  5. I was keeping track of your heavy snow. Pretty unusual for this time of year isn't it?
    Glad you got some time to talk with your sister while you were housebound. Looking forward to seeing some of your Christmas decor.

  6. Hate to see that happen to trees, Maggie, but when there's snow or sleet, it happens.
    In Florida, we lose our branches and trees to storms...
    I love talking to my older sister too. Wish we lived closer.

  7. I would just love a pause, instead I'm running around here and there....and have just come back from town with the hustle of Christmas shopping.....your break sounds delightful......

  8. Lucky for you to have had that pause. It is so important so as not to lose the meaning behind the season. I've never seen mistletoe growing

    - The Tablescaper

  9. Maggie, the gift of time is certainly something I would welcome at the moment. Glad you and your sister had a good visit. Nothing like words of wisdom between sisters. ;-)
    Sorry about the apple tree. Hope you have a beautiful week ahead. ~ sarah

  10. SO glad that you had a nice long talk with your must feel renewed. I would. And I am so sorry about your tree, although there is an up side to it with all that mistletoe lying around! Can I help myself?! :-)



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