Friday, 3 December 2010

We're in here somewhere..............

At the risk of boring you all with even more photographs of the amazing amount of snow that is continuing to fall in Normandy, some Friday morning pix.
Guess we're not driving anywhere soon.

Yesterday morning I raked all the snow off of the topiaries and large bushes, but it just came back again!
The birds are struggling to find food and are constantly at the kitchen door with their begging bowls out. At this rate they'll be eating me out of house and home.
See how deep it is now and it's still falling.
Weathergirl signing off now................................................

Afternoon update.
There are still some flakes coming down but the afternoon has been mild and the snow is thawing in places.
We took advantage of the milder temperatures and set off for a look around.

First of all though Mr B had to clear a path to the front gate.

Who says you can ever be too old to make a snow angel? Do you think I have cabin fever?

We met Marc our farmer neighbour using his tractor to clear the lane.
Click here to see him doing something in a similar vein last winter.

This neighbour veered off the lane into a ditch before Marc arrived.
But the ever gracious Marc returned to lend a hand.

When we returned to the Presbytere we discovered that Marc had kindly cleared the approach to the house, what a nice man he is!


  1. Oh Maggie Sweetie...
    Beautiful photos, but there is definitely a reason I live in the desert. NO SNOW. It may get cold, but we don't get snow here in the valley and I hated getting snowed in all the time in Oklahoma. I don't miss the snow at all.

    Now if I was retired and didn't have to get out? Naaahhh. I don't think so.

    It is so beautiful though sweetie. Just so serene and peaceful looking. Thank you for the share. Looks like we all need to be sending you a shovel. I think you are going to need them.

    Many hugs sweetie. Stay warm. Love, Sherry

  2. It looks like most of the winter where I live in New Hampshire (USA) I think it is so pretty but I think we are more used to it here and are better able to deal with it's clean up.

  3. How many inches did you get ? We got five last week ... you look like 8 or more.

  4. Reminds me of last winter here in DC...23" and no friendly tractor to plow the drive.

  5. It's gorgeous, but here's hoping that it doesn't last too long!

  6. Nice pics. Enjoy the snow. The Bavarian Christmas linky party is now open-won’t you come and join us at and while you are there join the give-a-ways going on.

  7. Maggie. Maggie? Where did you go? Under the snow I think.

  8. Maggie, it looks so pretty, but I know it limits what you can do. Guess, you'll just have to be content to snuggle in with a fire, a cup of hot tea, and a good book. All the while I'm out doing yard work in near 80 degree temps. So enjoy, my dear friend! ~ Sarah

  9. It's beautiful and it looks like you are making the best of it. What fun!


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