Sunday, 2 January 2011

Mosaic Monday.

2011 has got off to a very good start here at Le Presbytere with fine weather, good company and books to read by the fire.

I'm not a great believer in "New Years Resolutions" any more. I used to be.

Every year I would resolve to lose weight; excercise more; drink just one glass of wine with dinner; volunteer more; improve my language skills etc, etc.

But as I get older I realise that, although I may be overweight, I like me this way.

Daily walks with Ben are probably enough excercise for me, (although I have promised to get back on the WiiFit very soon).

That my husband is a gourmand, a very good cook and knows a bit about fine wines too, so why should I deprive him of convivial company at dinner?

As for volunteering..........................I think I'm just a bit volunteered out after all my involvement with the QCI during the last two years, although I wouldn't rule out some other type of charity work in the future.

So, I decided no Resolutions, but everyone needs a goal to aim for and I think I have come up with something to focus on in 2011.

My word for the year?

Not sure if this is just a word, I feel it could become my mantra for the next twelve months.

So, with this new urge upon me I gave my full attention, this afternoon, to my Photo editing program and cleared 100's of photographs from my memory stick and upteen folders on my PC.
There's something so cathartic about de cluttering, but also what fun it has been to "review" 2010 through my photographs.

I've created several collages from some of my favourites. Double click on any of the collages for a closer look.

Some you may have seen before as they have appeared in previous posts.
I'm not quite sure but I think I have one from each month.

I'm joining Mary at the little red house for 2011's first Mosaic Monday.
Mary has created a wonderful calendar for the New Year, click on the link here or on my sidebar to see it and other bloggers participating this week.


  1. Sounds like a great way to start the new year - out with the old, then, in with some new! Happy new year.

  2. I had to smile at this, Maggie, as I've been de-cluttering too. My daughter and I tidied up my files last night, and yesterday afternoon I tackled the linen closet and my bathroom drawers....bags of old lotions and potions went into the garbage and I felt 10 pounds lighter......a good feeling!

  3. This must be the year for de-clutter and organize! Organize is my goal for 2011. I have just started and I am so excited. I feel like my 'things' took over my home this year and I want it back. I want to enjoy my thrifty finds but not let them overwhelm my home. Love the mosaics!

  4. These are such beautiful shots, together or singly! I have no resolve whatsoever for this year!

  5. Hi Maggie. Happy New year. Nothing better in the new year than decluttering, a nice fresh start. I love your collages.

  6. Happy New Year, Maggie! I think we may all be on the same page with thoughts of de-cluttering. I hope to take a closet at a time and clean out the excess. Drawers too! And like you, my computer files need a bit of de-cluttering as well. Amazing how it can all get away from us.
    Your mosaics are lovely. I like the three across format. Lots to do in the new year for me. :-)
    Hugs to you, dear friend! ~ Sarah

  7. And I plan to simplify! Good luck on de-cluttering. I just moved excess furniture out and I feel so much better. I love the beginning of the year, such a good excuse to purge. Happy New Year! Beautiful photos.

  8. There's something about the post-Christmas/New Year season that invites decluttering. Purging computer files and blurry photos sounds like a great idea.

  9. Maggie,

    My word for the year is accomplish! Decluttering would be a real accomplishment! I desperately need to clean out my photo files and organize them but I am not quite sure how as I use photoshop and picasa.

    Happy New Year my friend. Your post today was beautiful.


  10. De-cluttering is on my agenda too. I plan to put a basket here and there throughout the house. Anything not used will be added to the baskets and then boxed and donated to the "Sally Ann". I'm going to start with my Christmas closet but I suppose I should wait til next fall to donate those items. Good luck with your project!

  11. Hi Maggie!

    I need to de-clutter, too. I love the fleur di lis.

    Happy New Year! La

  12. Love, love, love this post Maggie and I'm in total agreement with everything!

    Of course my 'word' for last year was ADVENTURE but this year I think I need to again grab SIMPLIFY because it didn't work too well in 2009!!! Yes, de-clutter, clean out, throw/give away, and make life much easier. Let's all do it!!!

    Beautiful header Maggie!

  13. Resolutions can be a pain! Someone used the word intentions today. That's what I'm going to say....I intend to change this and so.
    Now de-clutter I've done because my home is on the market. A sure way to get the closets organized! Anb while my daughter was home we cleaned the storage unit. A terrible job I've been putting off for a year!

    Happy New Year, Maggie!

  14. Wonderful post and photos! I am with you, I do not make resolutions either. I do need to de-clutter. I wish you all the best in 2011, Happy New Years.

  15. De cluttering is a great goal for 2011! I need to join you in that! Thanks for all your sweet visits in 2010 -- looking forward to more funn in 2011!

  16. Maggie, a very good idea! I think we all need to de-clutter. I know my e-mails need to be, why I keep hanging on, I don't know. And other things as well.

    I don't make resolutions either. And I do need to get more exercise, etc. When it comes time to garden again, that is pretty good exercise, don't you think?

    Happy New Year, may it be one of the best!

  17. Maybe you need to be a FLY lady -

    Just 15 minutes at a time......

  18. Oh my goodness glory, these are the best mosaics I've run up against in a while. Girl what a great job you've done.

    I stopped makin' the resolutions years ago. I just resolve to be the best me I can each day and when I flub up...(as we all do)...tomorrow is a new day~clean slate! :o)

    God bless ya sweetie and have a very blessed and beautiful New Year!!!

  19. Hi Maggie,
    I think the word you chose is perfect! Something I should be doing too. I have a studio so full of stuff I'll probably never use.
    Your collages are lovely. Such a beautiful way to display your photos.
    Hope you're enjoying your weekend.


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