Sunday, 9 January 2011

New beginning?

la faience brocante
Linking this post to Mary's fabulous Mosaic Monday @the little red house why not call in at Mary's to see who else is sharing their collages this week? It's a great place to see amazing mosaic creations from around the world.

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end" ~ Seneca.

Last week I told you about my word for 2011 - declutter, and I've thrown myself into the project with wild abandon.
I began by clearing out my wardrobe.
Really Margaret, how many "gardening" sweats and T's does a girl need?
Will also need to take a trip to the local Emmaus collection point very soon with the items that didn't pass the 6 month rule.
During the winter months, when it just gets too chilly for me to sit up in the grenier (my attic office/craft room) and freeze, I just plop myself (avec laptop) down in front of the wood burner in the sitting room to blog.
However, the sun was out today and I decided to tidy away all the "stuff" that had accumulated whilst planning/organising the Quimper Club's annual meeting in Savannah last October.
Out it all went, whee!
I'll have plenty of space and time now to start scrappin' again. Chouette!
After twelfth night, when all the Christmas deco had been put away, it was time to begin filling all the empty spaces on the library and dining room shelves and tabletops and mantlepieces, throughout the house.
And that made me stop and pause.
Just what was I going to place out on display, what goes and what stays?
Now, I can hear you all thinking "she's rambling on today" and also probably "what has any of this got to do with that great mosaic, and what is la faience brocante?"
Well, come a little closer and I'll whisper.............................................soon!


  1. Well, I'm glad I'm following, because I don't want to miss out on learning!
    You've described the state I'm in today - looked at my closet and thought almost the same thing 'how many pairs of never-leave-the-farm jeans does a gal need?'
    Staying tuned.....

  2. Hope I can be inspired to do a bit of de-cluttering but can't wait to find out about the mosaic.

  3. Maggie, I'm about to start on my wardrobe this afternoon. Time to clear out the excess.
    Glad to see that you are following through on the idea. I'll be eager to see the end result. I should do the same. LOL
    Enjoy the week ahead. ~ Sarah

  4. Maggie,

    We were away for the weekend and arrived home just a little while ago. I already have a pile of declutters. I must do my closet...I also need to clean out my photos.

    Anxious to learn more about your mosaic.


  5. I was going to go through my closets and drawers and purge some clothes today and then I decided I had done enough for a Sunday!! And I am feeling the same way as you...what to replace the shelves and tables with now that the Christmas things are gone. I have been playing with ideas.

    I can't wait to see your mosaic!


  6. Decluttering, reorganizing, putting up new displays - all these things are perfect for January. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the faience.

  7. Hi Maggie, nice to hear from you. I cannot see you giving away your faience so look forward to seeing what you are going to do with it.

    We are visiting Bayeux and Honfleur sometime this year, Phil wants to see the beaches etc.. and me Bayeux and Honfleur. Thinking of staying at the Churchill Hotel Bayeux. Not sure when we will be going as a new grandson due in May, don't like July and August,too hot and crowded Maybe September. May be in touch for some advice!!

    Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  8. Am having to do the same now that the remodeling has officially begun in the kitchen. Not an easy at task. Sometimes I just have to so, "Do it!" and put it into the 'Out Box." Have a grand week! Cathy

  9. "Love your mosaic", AHHH, the things dreams are made of!!! AND you're quite inspirational today as I THINK of all the trunks I have of CLOTHES I DON'T wear!!! OH MY! I've aged decades since I've even LOOKED at them! Thank you for the boost I need to peek in those boxes and "Purge,Purge,Purge"!!! Hey, maybe the stuff came BACK in style!
    Warm Winter Hugs to you,

  10. Maggie, I will be awaitng your answer. Most interesting post.

    We have snow here in the south today, even perhaps a bit down in Hilton Head, not sure about that, I know they got some in Dillon. Have a great Lundi!

  11. I hope you aren't getting rid of a single one of the pieces in your mosaic. They are all just beautiful and treasures for sure! I've just finished the closet...well, the first one. Can't believe the accumulation of stuff. Off to my Junkin and Thriftin' Booth it will go!

  12. Good work on de-cluttering, Maggie. And I am MAD for those plates!!

  13. So good of you to have started decluttering. I think it must be the beginning of a new year so a new start. I started too although before our move I did throw away so much . Still there has been growing stuff again . :)))

  14. It's a great idea to do what you're doing - my goal over the next week is to open some drawers and tidy what's in them. I always enjoy changing around the items on display on my buffet and this year I displayed two floral plates I've never displayed there before...I change small things often through the year but rarely move the bigger pieces of furniture. They look perfect where they are. Good luck with your projects.

  15. is there really a faience brocante? I will go... just tell me where!! Oh wait I live in Texas. Loved your mosaic. I am decluttering too. a bit here and there and I like it. my word for the year is simplify.

  16. Hi
    Wonderful post. I too have been reorganizing. I love your mosaic. I just love to make a mosaic every Monday. And, thank you for visiting My Cozy Corner.


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