Monday, 21 March 2011

Celebrate Spring with Victoria @ A Delightsome Life.

When Spring arrives in Normandie it's time to bring out the garden furniture and place it in the sunniest spots.
On the patio; next to the vegetable beds in the potager; and in shady spots on the grass, under the apple tree.

For Kathy's Celebrate Spring with Victoria party, over at her blog A Delightsome Life, I'd like to share with you some inspiration from a beautiful French magazine: Campagne Decoration.
You may remember that I've blogged about this gorgeous magazine before, click here  and here to see more.

On Sunday afternoon I sat down in a sunny corner of our garden, opened the latest Spring issue of CD and was instantly transported to a garden so stylish, so chic, so very French.
Click here if you missed my First Day of Spring post.

An outdoor lifestyle that I can only dream of, je reve!

The text accompanying these wonderful photographs roughly translated says............
Le Premier Beau Jour.
The air is more soft, the sun caresses the shuddering leaves. In every plant hatches a promise of happiness.

Photographs Stephen Clément,Campagne Decoration, Edition #68 Mars/Avril 2011.

Please join Kathy and all the other Springtime bloggers gathered together to Celebrate Spring today, just click here or on the sidebar button!

Fleur update:
Fleur is settling in very well,  has now lost all her baby teeth and is getting bigger every day.
She likes to dig holes and bury stones!


  1. Maggie,

    What a delightsome post. The magazine looks wonderful. Fleur is getting to be a big girl!

    I love this time of year.


  2. Beautiful! I love your potager. Very pretty pictures. Happy Spring!

  3. Beautiful post, Maggie. I wish we got the magazine here.

    Love the picture of your potager. I hope Fleur isn't burying her stones in it!! She IS a beauty!


  4. Fleur is beautiful. She reminds me of my Battle, my constant childhood companion.

  5. Maggie, I'll be dreaming of that garden setting all day. Still at work to get ours back to looking lush again.
    I'm a fan of Campagne Decoration. ;-)
    I imagine both Mr. Ben and Fleur will be out there enjoying the spring weather.
    ~ Sarah

  6. I see you have some little green things (lettuce?) coming up in the garden already! You could make some cushions for your benches and have them look just like the picture you admire. Fleur is so cute!

  7. I have a copy of Campagne Decoration and I love it. It's a spring issue as well.
    So many pretty vignettes. Enjoy every minute of the gorgeousness of this season.

  8. As lovely as all the photos are it is the one of Fleur that is my favorite. Such a big head. So beautiful.

  9. Fleur is gorgeous - I can just picture her on the grass, beside one of those lovely seats.
    Campagne Decoration is hard to get over here. When I'm in Ontario in early April I'm going to find one!

  10. It must be wonderful to bring out the garden furniture! lovely scenes from magazines - no wonder we enjoy them so much - they remind us of times gone by...

  11. On Sunday I was in a friend's garden just outside Dieppe -- birds singing, spring flowers blooming, trees blossoming -- enjoying the mild weather and a glass of fabulous local wine. Today, I'm back in Southern Ontario and we've just had 15 cm. of snow -- Quelle domage! I miss Normandy and can't wait to visit again. Rose

  12. Hi Maggie! Wow! Those are lovely photos and what sounds like a beautiful magazine! Visiting you from Kathy's Celebrate Spring party and I'm so glad to meet you and little Fleur! What a sweetheart she is! Bess

  13. We can dream, right Maggie? Love those photos. I'd like to sit and read out there.
    Fleur is growing so fast!

  14. I can see why everyone says that there is nothing like Springtime in France. I am so wishing I was there too!

    Enjoy the beauty and warmth that Spring brings, Maggie!

    Best wishes always,

  15. Oh Maggie - I am going to see if I can find this magazine in the states! Sometimes the larger book stores carry international magazines - how utterly Delightsome - I love that quote! Very beautiful, inspirational images - love your spots to rest and to enjoy your garden - thank you for sharing this with us at Celebrate Spring with Victoria,
    God Bless - HUGS

  16. What a neat magazine full of eye candy. I would enjoy browsing through all those pretty pictures...Christine

  17. "Delightful Post Maggie"! Ahhh, if Only I could see some spring GREEN outdoors!!! You Fleur is such a Sweetie! Hmmm, burying stones? That is TOOO CUTE! Maybe one will spout,hehe!
    Hugs to you,

  18. Beautiful pictures, so inviting. I love the iron bench with the plaid cushions. Spring is here!

  19. i am such a sucker for garden pics... and cute dogs too!

  20. I just love that you are restoring this ancient home. I thought it was a lot of work restoring our 120 year old home, but my goodness, you are REALLY digging into the past. Just to imagine walking the floors in a 16th century hallway is thrilling to me as a lover of the past. I will be following your progress with delight.


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