Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Outdoor Wednesday - Spring has sprung!

Spring lambs with their mums.
4 sets of twins.

Spring flowers in our back garden.
The bees were already hard at work on the white ornamental cherry blossom.
Not too much time available to blog since Mme Fleur arrived at the weekend and Mr Darling Husband flew the coop for a business trip to the UK!
I just had to share some pix, taken on a recent Sunday morning, of the new lambs that Jacques the owner of our village epicerie has in the field next to the shop.
Also some very quick snaps taken in our back garden Tuesday afternoon whilst Fleur & Ben were chasing around like whirling dervishes, bonding over a tennis ball.
All the shots I took of their playtime were too blurred to share but I'm sure you can picture the scene, n'est pas?
Joining Susan for Outdoor Wednesday @ A Southern Daydreamer and Jill @ The French Cupboard for French Inspiration Thursday with this slice of rural Normandy Life.


  1. just beautiful. Springtime in Germany was always so dreamy - we had sheep in our village as well and my children just loved them. I'm headed your way soon for a quick trip. Can't wait to see some cobblestone streets! -diane

  2. Oh, joy! You know I love seeing your spring blooms, and the baby lambs are the icing on the cake. Just this week I found a sweet lamb of the ceramic type while out thrifting. ~ Sarah

  3. You paint a wonderful picture of your springtime garden, complete with frolicking pups and colourful blooms. Gorgeous!

  4. Oui! I've been researching my Norman roots, so it's always fun to see your photos! Thank you!

    : )

    Julie M.

  5. Maggie - you know how to put smiles on our faces. It's wonderful to see the new lambs and your garden bursting forth in spring.

  6. Oh, Maggie...the lambs are just precious! Such a wonderful sign of spring along with your pretty flowers. Love your mosaics!


  7. Maggie,

    Nothing cuter than a baby lamb. I truly miss not seeing the spring flowers. By the time we get back they are gone. If I am lucky there may be a lilac still in bloom.

    Sounds like the pups are having fun.


  8. It looks so peaceful in your pasture with the sheep and their babies. We raise miniature donkeys.
    I always love the new babies.
    Your garden is lovely!
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!!!

  9. All the elements of classic spring - lambs, daffodils, green grass, frolicking pets - just lovely.

  10. What beautiful mosaics of rural life. Just lovely.

  11. Your gardens are gorgeous and OMG Fleur is stunning!!!Congratulations Mom!Now comes the hard work and training her but it'll be worth it, your new baby is beautiful Maggie!

  12. Collage of sweet lambs this time of year was perfect timing. I love this blog post.
    Joyce M

  13. I'm just dying over the beautiful pictures of those precious baby lambs. One of my earliest memories is when my grandparents took me to their neighbor's farm and I had my picture taken, holding a newborn lamb.You must have a glorious life living in the French countryside. I'm so happy to have found your beautiful blog.

  14. Love seeing your photos. As a child I had a pet lamb with a dark face like the ones in right photo. Named her Nancy. Thanks for bringing back those memories.

  15. Lovely little lambs .. and so many sets of twins! Is that common? Lambs and flowers ... much needed spring inspiration!!

    Thank you for sharing and linking up today at Voila!

  16. Oh my! There is nothing more precious than wee lambs.

    I have a new French inspired post up on Metis Linens.

  17. What a sweet French country setting! I just love your Spring blooms too.

    Thank you for sharing your French Inspiration!

    Blessings... Polly
    French Cupboard
    Counting Your Blessings

  18. So glad the dogs made friends! :) Makes your life easier, Maggie.

    Also pleased to see your spring photos! You sure waited long enough for it.

  19. Breathtaking - Im afraid to ask what the sheep are for though:)I would love to find out more about your "visitors" mentioned in "About me". I grew up in a 300 year old house as well - nuf said.

  20. Maggie the new Spring lambs are so sweet! Hopefully it will warm up a little here in NY so we will see some spring flowers soon!

  21. So beautiful! I would love to have lambs! My father-in-law has a small farm - with goats, cows, pigs, chickens and 100 cats. (well not literally, we hardly ever see them their afraid of us)
    So glad you'll be participating in Celebrating With Victoria! Looking forward to it!

  22. Ah Maggie, what a sweet photo of Mme Fleur and Mr. Ben!

    Your spring looks so bucolic and peaceful with the lambs and all the flowers. Enjoy!

  23. These are beautiful photos of Spring. Love your collages. Beautiful photos.

  24. Thanks for stopping by. What incredible pictures.. I have always wanted to travel there.. maybe one day.

  25. Sorry didn't mean to sign anoymous.. loved your pics.. thanks again.


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