Friday, 27 May 2011

Chez Denise, a Parisian brasserie - with Anthony Bourdain.

Last year the Senior Partner and I spent a long weekend in the City of Lights and I blogged afterwards about a wonderful tea room that we discovered in the Marais, click here if you missed it.

One place I didn't tell you about then but am going to share with you now is Chez Denise (La Tour de Montlhéry), 5  rue prouvaires.
Close to the site of the old Les Halles, in the 1st Arrondissement, Chez Denise is one of the last surviving brasseries from the days before Les Halles was relocated.

We had seen an episode of Anthony Bourdains "No Reservations" on TV and thought it looked very interesting.
Well, it turns out that ordinary mortals who aren't TV chefs do have to have a reservation for dinner at Chez Denise, so I made a reservation for our last evening in Paris.
Click here to see a clip of AB @ Chez Denise on YouTube and you'll see why we had to dine here too.
For starters we shared the terrine du chef and frisee aux croutons, followed by gigot d'agneau des flageolets for the SP, I ordered the saumon braise sauce moutarde.

The waiters in traditional black and white uniforms were friendly and the service excellent, the food was wonderful.
The tables are set very closely together which means that even if you arrive as a couple for a  "diner a deux" by the end of the evening you will certainly have met your fellow diners sitting either side of you.

You may perhaps have tasted the food they ordered, may probably know them well enough to have exchanged recommendations of other places to dine, things to see in Paris and even swap business cards!
It's a very unique place, indeed.
Anthony Bourdains home base restaurant, in New York City, is the Brasserie Les Halles and is featured in the opening credits of "No Reservations".
Click here to visit their website.
I wonder if any of you already know either Chez Denise or the Brasseries Les Halles and have dined there?
Do let me know if you have, it would be great to compare notes.

Anita is hosting a "Paris - Simply Irresistible" party
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  1. Paris is irresistible - wish I was planning a trip there. Alas, I'll just enjoy it all vicariously.

    Your meal sounded delightful - both the food and the atmosphere.

    Bon weekend

  2. I am fascinated with the menu. I have never had Steak Tartare. I see there is a star beside it and a note on the bottom. What does it say? (My French is very limited!)
    Are you also forced to pay a 15% service fee? Is this like a tip? In Canada tips are added for good service.

  3. Maggie, you know Paris has long been irresistible for moi! I've made note of this brasserie, and we will make reservations. Merci! ~ Sarah


  5. It's all new to me - sounds like heaven.

  6. I saw that episode on TV and thought it looked fabulous. How lucky you are to have been there!

    I would so love to be in Paris right now. I bet everything looks stunning at this time of year...Lucky you Maggie!

    Hope you have been well? Life is as busy as ever here but everyone is happy and healthy here...thank God.

    Well, it's getting late here so I am going to get ready for bed. I guess you are already enjoying some Saturday morning coffee...have one for me!

    Take care and best wishes always,

  7. SWEET MAGGIE!!!! THANK YOU FOR COMING and what fun this IS!!! I see your favorite music is the BEATLES...ME TOO! And did you see that last photo I had of them by the Eiffel Tower?

    LOVE YOUR PHOTOS and thank you for your comments and participation. I will annnounce the winner of my giveaway next week!!! HAVE FUN, Anita

  8. Looks like a wonderful restaurant, Maggie. The tables so close together was the main thing I noticed on my first trip to Paris. Your neighbors become your friends by the end of the evening!
    Thanks for joining Anita's's been such fun to read everyone's Paris posts and meet so many new friends.

  9. hi Maggie, thank for sharing your special places in Paris. I'm definitely taking notes for my next trip. Glad to see you at Anita's party.
    Merci, great paris info

    The French Hutch

  10. Hi Maggie,
    I'm your newest fan! I saw the word "Normandy" on Anita's party list and I had to rush right over! And I'm so glad I did. What it treat it is to see these wonderful images and read about your life! Your blog has been bookmarked and will provide me with many hours of reading when this busy weekend is over. And, I LOVE Anthony Bourdain, and check everyday to see if he's eating in France!! I saw this episode, too, and may try it when we are there in July. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Dawne at Quiddity2

  11. Chez Denise sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing. My good friend is in Paris with her family right now. I am emailing Carol the link!

    By the way, you made my Happy List today :D

  12. It is great to be with you in Paris darling....hope we meet again.....nice party from love ......bisous

  13. I'm intrigued by the idea of your renovation in Normandy! I'm looking forward to perusing your blog more.

    Thank you for letting us know of this wonderful place to dine.


  14. What a wonderful blog you have dear! So glad to know you from Anita's Paris much fun.
    following along.

  15. Oh so lovely Maggie. My post is now up for our Paris Party with Anita!

    Art by Karena

  16. What a delicious post!

    Fun Paris party!!!

    ~ Violet

  17. Was it there in 1973 as the picture with the red checked tablecloths looks so familiar? On the other hand maybe lots of places are similar.

  18. Haven't eaten there....mostly we eat at cafés or brasseries...where it's cheap but delicious! I have photos of the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach today. Come visit. Linda

  19. Hello Maggie - I enjoyed this post and it brought back memories of a similar restaurant we ate in near Notre Dame. The tables were so close and I loved the side by side conversation. I'm still disappointed that the Australian teacher we met who was on a world tour didn't make it further than north than Jasper on her tour of Alberta. It would have been great to see her again and hear about her travels. It's a wonderful way to meet people. Enjoy your summer!


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