Friday, 20 May 2011

A Very English May Day Tradition - Dilwyn Village Show.

This year we celebrated the May Day holiday by visiting the Dilwyn Village Show which took place in Fields Place Meadow.

We really enjoyed watching the shows in the main arena, especially the "Paws For Thought" dog display team (click here to see more about them) and also the Birds of Prey Falconry show.

The vintage and classic car show was a big draw, the old farm tractors were very popular.

We browsed the craft tent and tasted samples from local food and drink producers, bought lots of second hand books and finally ended up in the WI (Womens Institute) tea tent for sandwiches, tea and home made cake.

After lunch we wandered over to watch the young riders taking part in the horse show, very Jilly Cooper with a touch of Thelwell (the unofficial artist of the British countryside) thrown in for good measure!
If you don't know Thelwell's cartoons click here to see why he was so well loved.
Later that afternoon we bagged ringside seats on the grass, Senior Partner fetched a blanket from the car so we wouldn't get damp, to watch the Companion Dog show.

These were the categories:
Pedigree Classes as defined by the Kennel Club
1 Any Variety Gundog Dog or Bitch
2 Any Variety Hound Dog or Bitch
3 Any Variety Pastoral/Working Dog or Bitch
4 Any Variety Toy and Utility Dog or Bitch
5 Any Variety Terrier Dog or Bitch
6 Any Variety Open Dog or Bitch
7 Any Variety Veteran Dog or Bitch (7 years and over)
8 Any Variety Puppy Dog or Bitch (aged 6 to 12 months)
Rosettes for Best in Show from classes 1- 8, Reserve Best in Show
Best Puppy in Show and Reserve Best Puppy in Show
After the Kennel Club business was over it was time for the Novelty Classes
9 Local Class: Best Dog or Bitch living within 5 mile radius of show
10 Best Crossbred Dog or Bitch
11 Dog or Bitch with the ‘waggiest’ tail
12 Handsomest Dog
13 Prettiest Bitch
14 Best veteran Dog or Bitch (non-pedigree) aged 7 years or over
15 Best Dog or Bitch handled by a child 6-12 years
It was so much fun watching the dogs and their owners prance around the show ring and I could tell that if we had not left Ben & Fleur at home the SP would have been in that ring showing of M'selle Fleur and probably bringing home one or two rosettes.
Of course my Ben would have easily won classes 11 and 12!
It was a wonderful day out and has started me dreaming about returning "home" to Herefordshire one day.

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  1. That looked like fun! You just might have to move there to give your four-legged babies a chance at fame and fortune.

  2. What fun to attend the dog show. I can see why you dream of returning to this lovely countryside. Not that you don't already live in a gorgeous countryside. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  3. I thought I left a comment earlier but I am having trouble with the internet connection so I think I must of lost it
    ( the comment not my mind !!).

    We can certainly put on great country show here in the UK. We go to one every year in Dogmersfield and it is great fun.
    You have been very lucky with the weather I hope it is the same when we come to Normandy in a month.
    Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  4. What a great day! Looks like the weather cooperated too. Such a beautiful setting.

  5. Ahhh! What a dream! It looked like such a fun place to be, BUT, I would be STUCK at the horses. Especially the one in your first picture! He takes my breath away!
    Thank you for taking us along.
    Hugs to you,

  6. It sounds like a really wonderful day. I'd love to have been there. We do the cars here, but none of our events feature animals. Pity! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

  7. Hello there,

    Looks like a great day with lots of country fair fun!

    Also, what a charming cream tea from lasts week's tea..,

    I love cream tea and that tea room looks delightful also, with regard to last week's Tuesday tea post: I was very taken with the roses, pretty teacup and cream tea vignette overall.., So pretty and yummy looking!

    ~ (I was out of the office, after last weeks tea's for several days, so I'm much later getting by to visit than I would have preferred);

    ..,Yet I must say what pure delight it was to have you partake once again with TTTT and also with my 83rd, 'Tuesday Tea For Two'!..,

    Thanks so very much for joining us and we look forward to hopefully having you join us once again in a few days; it's always a pleasure!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee
    and also

  8. As a dog and horse lover, this looks like heaven!

    Susan and Bentley

  9. This post should be in a magazine spread. You covered the event delightfully.
    So many wonderful things going on I would be rushing about to try and take it all in.

    Thank you for sharing.

  10. This looks like so much fun. Everthing was at the village show ... old cars, dogs, horses ... Oh, my! Delightful. Makes me want to pack my bags!!!

  11. What a great day! I can so understand why you would like to return to this area.

    Thank you for being a part of my birthday celebration at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  12. Lovely horse and carriage. He is a strong looking fella! Beautiful pictures! Cathy

  13. Looks like a fun day. Love the mosaic containing the classic cars. Take care:)

  14. I'm loving that opening picture for sure!

    It all looks so - - - well, so NORMANDY!!!

  15. You must have enjoyed the day. This is my idea of a wonderful afternoon - a local event in a village with a tea table to enjoy. Delightful photos that took us there with you... Maggie I've now posted the links to the wildfire news story if you want to check back.

  16. Morning girl...ohhhh that looks like a fantastic day of fun! Love seeing those old cars and I would have loved the dog show! Thanks so much for coming by sweetie...hope you have a great day...Picket

  17. It looks you had a marvelous day.
    Wonderful photos.

  18. Wonderful, what a great day out. I esp. like the first picture.

  19. You get to do the most fun things, Maggie. I would have loved this!! Wish we had events like that here.

  20. What a very lovely day you had! The scenery is just beautiful! Love all the different animal shows you were able to take in, and I know the cars and tractors were fun to look at.
    Thanks so much for sharing all the great photos. This is one event I would have loved to seen. The photos make me feel almost as though I was there.

  21. How neat, I would have loved the dog show. The scenery and photos are just beautiful. Wonderful mosaic.

  22. I love seeing all of the beautiful horses in your mosaic! And the countryside is gorgeous! What a fun celebration! ♥

  23. Love the gorgeous mosaics! Looks like such a lovely time!


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