Monday, 26 September 2011

Blogging again and having fun with friends!

Such a lot has been happening since my last post almost 2 weeks ago that I'm only now able to catch my breath.
I'll be posting about where we went and what we got up to during our wonderful break back "home" in the UK very soon, but first I want to share with you the two visits which we have had since our return.
On Wednesday my very good blogging friend Jenny, & her husband Enno, (Two Tumbleweeds) from Holland came for tea.
It was the first time we had met face to face but you would never have known it, as we hit it off right from the start.
Jenny & Enno
just two tumbleweeds!

Jenny & Enno are both talented artists click here to go to Jenny's new painting blog.
The Senior Partner and I were thrilled when Jenny presented us with one of her artworks which she had painted during their time spent close to Monet's Garden at Giverny.

We spent a lovely afternoon together chatting over tea and scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam.

As they left Jenny told me that she felt we could be related, well, all I know is that we're family now!
On Thursday afternoon my dear friend Sarah (aka Hyacinths For The Soul) and her husband Mr HFTS came to stay for the weekend.
Sarah, Mr Ben & me

Sarah and I met over 10 years ago, through our love of Quimper pottery, at the Quimper Club meeting in Washington, DC and have met almost every year, since then, at the same annual event.
Monogrammed napkins from Roundtop,
gingerbread from Dijon & graines de moutarde de Bourgogne,
French nougat, quince,thyme & rosemary preserves,
pretty notecards
Mr B & I were in the UK whilst the club was meeting this year in Brittany but Sarah soon brought me up to date on all the latest Q news and I felt as if I'd almost been there myself!
She also brought delightful gifts for us both, we did feel spoilt.

Hyacinth in Bayeux!
Sarah & I drove to Bayeux on Friday for a little flea marketing, a visit to the Bayeux Tapestry and the Cathedral, followed by crepes for lunch.
If that girl lived here we could get up to all sorts of mischief!

experiencing my local epicerie
The "husbands" were happy to sit in the sunshine and have lunch in the garden putting the world to rights, until Sarah & I arrived home with one or two "treasures" found at the Depot Vente.

Hidden in a pile of plates I discovered this special piece. Number 50 of 300.
It was produced in 1990 to celebrate the "Trois siècles de faïences", Keraluc, Quimper.

The price?
 Just 2€ -  the thriftiest find I've ever had!

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  1. I've thought of you two, through the past week, wondering what sorts of fun you'd get up to. Isn't it lovely to have made such a good blogging friend? It sounds like you put your time to very good use - a little shopping and flea-marketing is SO good for the soul!

  2. Hi Maggie, I see you and Sarah are not letting any grass grow under your feet. Only thing missing there is ME! While all of you are having fun I'm still going to PT.....
    I know you both had a blast from the snaps. Can't wait to hear more from the meeting.

    The French Hutch

  3. It's so wonderful seeing you two together and having so much fun................wish I was with you!!!!!!

    Enjoy every day and hug Sarah for me please.

    Mary XX

  4. HI Maggie, What a wonderful time you must have had with two blogging friends. I read in Jennies blog about their visit and what a wonderful time they had. And then your other blogfriend Hyancinth. What a good time you had together and even finding that beautiful plate for two euro's. LOL
    That was great reading Maggie.

  5. That plate was a brilliant find. It sounds like you have certainly had a busy and fun filled time recently.

  6. You look like you had a wonderful time with your blogging friends. Visiting, shopping, and finding that special piece to remember it all by.

  7. What fun, Maggie. Two blogger friends in one week! Jenny's very talented. Wish I could have tasted your scones and clotted cream.
    What better entertainment than a flea market and sightseeing with another Quimper lover.
    What a find that plate is!

  8. oksyn now you can fill me in on the happenings of the meeting.

  9. What fun to meet some bloggy friends in person. I've found several from VA, so maybe sometime we can get together as well.

  10. Maggie, how wonderful to meet some of your best bloggy friends in person!! You just never know what you will find when out shopping. Someone who didn't appreciate Quimper priced that plate.

  11. Dear Maggie, that was very nice of you. Thanks for the photos. I wish I could have met Sarah and am glad you had such a good time. Enno and I are still talking about the fun we had with you and Roger. xo Jenny

  12. How lovely to meet a blogging friend!
    The plate is a treasure. It makes me happy when I find something in a thrift store that is for me, me, me!

  13. Maggie, what a thoughtful post! Thank you, sweet friend. Our time spent with you was indeed special. Many thanks for your generous hospitality. Our night in the Chateau Durtal was a unique experience. We were the only ones in that huge castle. ;-)
    Will tell you all about it in an email later.
    Sending big hugs to you both and to Mr. Ben and Fleur, too. ~ Sarah

  14. Glad to hear that you had such nice visits with your blogging friends. It's wonderful when the husbands get along too. Congratulations on finding that special plate!

  15. LOL I agree with Emily. I do not collect Quimper, but I am so envious that you and Sarah got to visit. Y'all are tow of my very favorite bloggers!!! :D

    I want to hear more.....

  16. How fun to meet a new blogger friend and to spend time with Sarah too!! What fun!!
    Great price on your plate!!

  17. Oh it is good to see you back here in blogland... but I am glad you have been having fun!

    Isn't Sarah just so sweet? Of course I only know her from blogging. I would love to meet another blogger in person!

    Thanks for sharing your visit at my party!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  18. That is wonderful you were able to meet and enjoy some of your blogging friends.

  19. This is my first time to visit you beautiful blog. It's amazing how this blog world has changed (is changing) my life. Lots of new acquaintances and a few new friends. You must have a very trained eye for your Quimper. I love a good treasure hunt and a good story behind someone else's hunt.

  20. Looks wonderful! I bet you had fun.
    DH should be very happy I don't collect Quimper!


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