Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Déjà vu in Cornwall

Today we dragged ourselves away from the beautiful harbourside in Portloe to take a drive to another small fishing port on Cornwall's north coast.

The weather reports of the last few days have been filled with storm and gale warnings
but here in Cornwall the weather has been wonderful.

The scenery over there is just as breathtaking as on the south coast, although it did rain during the drive by the time we arrived we were met by sunshine and the bluest of blue skies.

The narrow lanes leading down to the beach are lined with pretty fisherman's cottages,
 now they are holiday or second homes for wealthy people!

These two interesting buildings caught my eye.

The view across the bay to the other side is wonderful.

I was beginning to get a funny feeling, a kind of déjà vu,
which was strange, I knew I'd never been to Port Isaac before
 but I seemed to recognise the place.

These homes on the opposite bank look very familiar to me.

O.K. now I know why!


Who would live in a house like this?

Maybe a Doctor?


Time for lunch.

I had to take this for Ricki Jill!

More Harbour views

So, have you guessed where we were today?
Here are some clues -
Port Isaac is the location for a very popular British TV show.
The new series began on ITV last night.

No, not guessed it yet?

Here's your final clue.

Answers on a postcard please.
Only joking!
Just leave a comment.


  1. Maggie...I haven't got a clue!! I'll stop back by to find out...I'm curious, you know!

    I had to do a double take at the picture of the boathouse. It looks like the Queen herself stepping out the door!!

    I'm so glad you are having a wonderful time. Keep the stunning pictures coming in!


  2. OMG - my most favorite TV series ever!! I watched it earlier this year - thanks to Netflix - and was bowled over by it! The acting, the scenery, Cornish accents, peculiar but delightful locals as extras, and I never thought I could fall in love with such an unattractive doctor, but I did!

    DOC MARTIN.........come back over here asap, I'll be waiting for this new series with baited breath - know it will be fabulous if anything like the first one!

    Thanks Maggie - and continue enjoying the Westcountry - so happy to know the weather is grand.

    Hugs - Mary

  3. Well done, Mary.
    I knew you'd recognise Portwenn straight away.

  4. LOL the Treleavens have expanded their empire ;P Did you taste any of their ice cream? I need to ask my father in law if they are relatives of his. Thanks so much for posting this, Maggie. I will show Trip tonight when he gets home from work.

  5. What a gorgeous location!! It looks like a wonderful spot for a vacation. Like Jane said...keep those pictures coming!

  6. Thought of you as I watched Doc Martin last night - its really lovely there.

    Glad the weather is good - have fun :-)

  7. You must have really enjoyed the day - and now that i know what the series is - were you extras? I will have to see if Doc Martin is available on our cable channels. It sounds great!

  8. One of my all time favorites. When we lived in England (East Anglia) we never got farther west than Cheddar. A shame, really. It is really beautiful.

  9. Maggie
    Of course I knew it was Doc Martins place. I am addicted to that show!!
    You are so lucky to have the chance to visit it's lovely countryside!
    I so...enjoyed my visit!

  10. It's my first visit to your blog and I couldn't stop from laughing out loud! Doc Martin is my new favorite tv show. I'm dying to come visit!

  11. It's a pity I haven't seen this TV show: the village is charming.


  12. Beautiful Cornwall Maggie. Your photo's tell us that.
    Cornwall and Devon still on my wishlist, maybe next year? I hope. DH is thinking about it.LOL

  13. Stunning scenery!
    I have high hopes that this show will air over here this year - we're always a year or two behind.

  14. Oh Maggie, this scenery is stunning!! I love the houses and the coastline. I've never seen such beautiful blue water. I've read "The Shell Seekers", which takes place in Cornwall; and I just finished a really old Victoria Holt book which took place in Cornwall. Now I see why she talked about how beautiful it is. I'm captivated. Now I have another place to add to my travel wish list :) Thanks for sharing, and have a great vacation.


  15. Aha, I knew as soon as I saw that blue door exactly where we were! Such a great TV series; I only discovered it this year and am waiting for PBS to start showing the second season. I love that little town and thank you for giving us a personal tour.

  16. Thanks for sharing, I just love waching Doc Martin every Trus. night.oo

  17. No. I haven't a clue. Just the same, I enjoyed the drive.

  18. Perfect weather here as well. Having a grand time. See you soon! ~ Sarah

  19. A brilliant virtual tour of the place where Doc Martin is filmed :)

  20. I love that show and recognised the place immediately. You lead a charmed life travelling around as you do.

    Please let me know when you get your Ramsign. I hope you have already.

  21. We recognized your pictures immediately because we are in the process of watching all of the Doc Martin series for the second time.
    Thank you from sunny South Carolina-USA.
    We are also looking forward to the new shows.

  22. hi Maggie, Guess this was a great getaway with so many great snaps. How cool you found Ricki Jill's relatives. I'll have to ask her is she has family from there. I can see why movie or television studios would film here. Its so charming.........

    The French Hutch

  23. Cornwall is just beautiful! As is the house. How fun that you got to see the house they film your tv show from!!

  24. I'm not familiar with that show, but I sure am loving your photos, Maggie!

  25. I'm so glad you sent me this link! We are in the first -- well, I don't know how long a season is, so I'm not sure where we are, but Louisa and he are just starting to get on (she dumped her boyfriend). I love it. I've missed a lot but I'm hoping they repeat them all!


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