Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Reality Shot Thursday.

Autumn is a wonderful season, full of mellow fruitfullness.
Early mornings are crisp and clear, the sun sits low in the sky
 and the trees cast beautiful shadows across the grass.

We love to be outdoors in the garden at this time of the year but
 clearing leaves, acorns and horse chestnuts off the lawns is not a job we enjoy!

Hidden away in three of the four corners of the back garden are our compost heaps,
 out of sight but sadly not out of mind.
This is the reality of being the present caretakers of
 venerable silver birch, ancient oak,
 massive horse chestnut and stately sycamore trees.

Joining Claudia for Reality Shot Thursday #4.
a new but fun weekly gathering
 where those of us brave or silly enough
share the less than glamorous side of daily life.
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Also linking to The Tablescaper's Seasonal Sundays gathering this weekend.


  1. Ooooooh I'd love some of those leaves for my compost!

  2. There is so much pro in your beautiful garden that I am sure you will forget the compost soon enough. That will help your garden next year to be beautiful again.
    Have a nice day.

  3. Maggie,
    I miss having gardens and lawns but not that part of it! Finally have reliable internet! Lots of catching up to do in Blogland.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoyed your Paris pictures!


  4. I'm afraid I am facing the same reality as you! Lots of leaves everywhere - we have an old sugar maple, a catalpa, willow, black walnut and hickory in the front area of our yard. I haven't even begun raking yet!

    Thanks so much for participating, Maggie! I'm going to check out your other blog - I'm a book lover.


  5. "The less glamorous side of daily life". I love this sentence.
    The glamorous side of my life today provides SUNSHINE. I'm going for a walk and keep my eyes shut while passing the compost piles. Yours look better then mine. :-)

  6. I can relate to all those leaves and acorns especially. Our leaves won't make the great fall until February, but the acorns are keeping us busy and up at night as they bounce along the roof! Lovely pictures. Ann

  7. A nice post! I need some of these leaves for my turtle... :-)

  8. I love it! My last post where I actually posted a picture of myself looking haggard is more reality I need right now.
    I love your yard and your compost heaps! :-)

  9. Beautiful yard. The 'stuff' has to be placed 'somewhere' and you certainly have lots of piles. Some day all those piles will be soil.
    - Joy

  10. There is always so much work to be done, but your lawn is gorgeous and reflects your hard work.

  11. We have chopped down both of our massive oak trees and I rather miss wading in a sea of leaves and acorns.


  12. The shadows in the first photo are lovely, Maggie! I know exactly what time of day it is too!

  13. Maggie, trees can be a lot of work. I'm sweeping the terraces every day. ;-)

  14. Beautiful autumn shots. The work is hard but the reward is great.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  15. Your yard is beautiful! I love the sun. Think of tht compost as black gold. Before I had trees I used to go around to my neighbors and snitch bags full of leaves for my flower beds.

  16. "The less glamorous side of daily life" LOVE it! Raking leaves is not a favorite chore, but at least I have trees around me and leaves to rake. The horrible drought here has killed millions of trees ... so sad! Loved your *glamorous* post! Happy Seasonal Sunday!

  17. Compost happens! :)
    The squirrels are very busy burring the acorns. I love this time of year, but not raking! I always said God should have made leaves to self destruct when they hit the ground! :)
    Here from Seasonal Sunday.

  18. Love the first pic, I'll be raking soon myself... Gonna check out the reality party:@)


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