Saturday, 22 October 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Bayeux.

Joining Tracy for Shadow Shot Sunday # 179
@ Hey Harriet
this week.

A friend from Maine, USA. recently came to visit us in Normandy
 and together we spent some quiet time in the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Bayeux.

The stained glass windows created amazing shadows
across the Caen stone walls.

The simple cross panes of this window
created a checked pattern high up
on the vaulted roof.

A place of quiet reflection.

More stained glass jewel colours play across the floor.

Down in the crypt a shard of light breaks through.
It is an ancient site, the present Cathedral was consecrated in 1077.

A fitting memorial.
To the one million dead of the British Empire
who fell in the Great War 1914-1918
 and of whom the greater part rest in France.

I hope you've enjoyed this tranquil space as much as we did.
Click on the link to see wonderful shadow captures from around the globe.

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  1. What a beautiful church Maggie. You know, I love churches, whenever I see one I must go in it.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Very pretty photos, especially the patterns from the stained glass. Wow, that memorial from WW I breaks my heart.

  3. How beautiful, Maggie. The Great Dane knows that if I see a spire we will have to find the church for a visit.
    So many Canadians perished in France - so many young ones, especially.

  4. HI Maggie here I am again. Last week you mentioned Shadow shot Sunday and maybe I should enter that too. I just did and then I found out on the internet that I have been there almost two years ago. My momory is not what it used to be . ")))

  5. Wow! that's really an amazing tour. Very pretty & gorgeous church.

    Happy TS...

    Greetings from chilly & dark Stockholm,

  6. What an incredible church, Maggie! And your photos are breathtaking! I, too, love the patterns, colors and shadows from the stained glass window! Such a beautiful memorial to the many who have given their lives for us! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Hope you have a great weekend!


  7. This is an amazing cathedral! It is large, but the shadows and stained glass colors make this building feel a bit more accessible, a little bit more cozy. The stone and arches are stylish, too. A beautiful place!

  8. Hi Maggie, Your photos are lovely and remind me of my time spent in Bayeux. The cathedral tour was amazing. I also remember a beautiful tree with a plaque, I think on the Cathedral grounds. While traveling through Brittany and Normandy, if a town had a Cathedral we always stopped for a tour. Normandy is amazing.........

    The French Hutch

  9. I was especially touched by 2, 5 & 7. I wish I could go there. Thank you.

  10. I can't wait to go through that cathedral. A trip to Normandy went to the top of my wish list when our family donated my aunt's war memorabilia to the museum at Juno. I will get there! ~Maureen

  11. Oh, Maggie, these gorgeous images take me back to our visit. Beautiful shadow shots!
    Loved seeing the witchy Quimper published again. Thanks! ~ Sarah

  12. Such a beautiful church. One of my favorite things to do when we visited both England and France was to tour the gorgeous churches. They are amazing places.
    Thanks for sharing the photos.

  13. I love seeing all the mysterious shadows within the cathedral.


    Shadow, shadow drawing near,
    You are all alone, I fear;
    Let me be your new-found friend—
    I’ll stick with you to the end!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadowy Sunflower

  14. That is such a beautiful place and you have taken some spectacular photos of it. I love your wonderful Fall header too. Thanks for comimg by. Have a nice week. Mickie :)

  15. My husband and I were just talking about visiting Normandy in the spring and here you are whetting the appetite.
    Did you cruise on Heron when you went out of Rockport Harbor? I'm glad you've experienced this beautiful place.

  16. I received a brochure from my university's alum association advertising their fall tour: Paris. Less than $4,000. Were I not working, I would be so tempted. I have quite enjoyed your pictures of Paris that I am adding ti to my bucket list.

  17. I adore sitting in the lovely churhes of France. It surprised me greatky that a small town would have such a beautiful church and I saw this all over France. The quiet ones are the best where you can just light a candle and sit and think. I really enjoyed that.

    I am looking at a house swap in the area of Caen, obviously I would not regret it.

  18. Wonderful, stately cathedrals with plenty of shadows to share. Well done.

  19. What incredible pictures...and shadows! Oh how we've enjoyed gazing through the Cathedral with you today!

  20. What incredible pictures...and shadows! Oh how we've enjoyed gazing through the Cathedral with you today!

  21. This place is lovely and looks so quiet!
    I like the second photo especially!

  22. The peace of the cathedral comes through in your photos. How lovely. Thank you for sharing this visit with us.

  23. Absolutely gorgeous ShadowShots. What an amazing place. With each picture I felt like I was there! Have a good week.

  24. Tank you once again for sharing an inspirational visit with your readers. You take us places we never see otherwise.

  25. Light through stained glass windows create the most beautiful shadows and reflections. Wonderful shots!

  26. Maggie- oh my goodness- these photos are amazing. How I would love to see this beautiful Cathedrial. ( if I come to visit- will you tour me around?!!). You have absolutely just made my jaw drop with these incredible pictures-- I want to be there--- badly!! Thank you for sharing these!!

  27. Oh sweetie, I just sittin' here in awe of these magnificent shadow pictures. I love old churches anyway but this was just outta this world beautiful.

    You have yourself a terrifically blessed Tuesday sweet Maggie!!! :o)

  28. Maggie, these photos are so beautiful! The reflections of the stained glass are magical. You have captured the light and shadows perfectly. laurie
    P.S. You asked about Ark Caviar ~ I'll try to post the recipe soon.


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