Thursday, 3 November 2011

Alphabe-Thursday. A is for Apple

Once again Miz Jenny Matlock is hosting Alphabe-Thursdays at Off On My Tangent
I didn't fully participate last time having completed the entire alphabet in the previous round, however, AT is a favourite meme of mine and so, here we go again.................................

These apples are being shoveled into a large wooden box to be pulped
before being turned into cider or calvados.
A is for Apple, well what else could it be for in Normandy.

I took this photograph at the Fete de la Pomme in Trévières last Sunday, and will have more to share for the Tablescapers Seasonal Sundays gathering at the weekend.
If you would like to see my A post from the first AT that I particpated in, then click here, and here for the A post from the next.
This my second post today if you're looking for this week's Reality Shot then please scroll on down.


  1. Yes apples and such a great picture.
    Have a nice evening Maggie

  2. I knew apples would be used for this post assignment, but guess what? I wrote about apples,too! Hope you'll come by for a visit today or whenever it's convenient!

  3. Wow, that's a heap of apples!!


  4. I remember the smell of those apples being made into cider. Our favorite place made donuts and apple pies too. I missed it this year!

  5. The perfect A. Every good teacher knows A is for apples.

    Cider....even better!!!

    God bless and have an extraordinary day sweetie!!! :o)

  6. are they making cider or something?

  7. My dad used to make apple cider. Waiting to see what B is.

  8. We went to a cidery last month, on Thanksgiving weekend. I love the smell of the orchard and cidery side-by-side. Lovely photos - they put me right on the scene.

  9. Oh I could just smell that deliciously fallish apple aroma! I also enjoy A-T, I started with the letter O this year and made it through Z, I hope to do all 26 letters this time, too! xo

  10. Great shot! I'm thinking I'd enjoy Calvados over apple cider!

  11. Love this photo- looks like something out of a National Graphic magazine-- so much character!! Look at those apples!

  12. great picture! That's a lot of apples! {:-Deb

  13. Hello.
    That's a lot of apples...when I first saw them, I thought they were Bosc pears!

    Nice photo!
    Thanks for sharing.


  14. That is a lot of apples! A good "A" picture for anytime. Thank you for coming by my place.


  15. At first I thought those were potatoes!

    When I looked closer and saw the apples it made me think of picking apples at the farm many years ago for money for school clothes.

    That tangy scent of almost cider, almost alcohol came back to me!

    What a glorious memory.

    Thanks for linking up! I'm so glad you're giving this meme another go!

    Hooray for us!



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