Thursday, 3 November 2011

Reality Shot Thursday

After a visit recently to the garden centre for new rose bushes (Peace) and top soil to plant them in
 I snapped this quick shot of my very basic (definitely not glamourous) potting table.

The table acts as a catch all space for things going in and out of the house
 from the laundry/wine cellar/storeroom,
 which you can just glimpse through the window,
 behind it.
Now, that's a place you really wouldn't want to see.

Keeping things real with Claudia
 over at Mockingbird Hill Cottage.
It doesn't get more real that this!


  1. Thank goodness for those catch-all places, whether a table or a bench! Mine is the kitchen table. I actually cleaned it up the other day.

    It didn't last!

    Are you planting roses? I love roses.

    Thanks so much for joining in, Maggie!


  2. I have a space on my patio that looks the same when I am in the process of planting. You are not alone! Actually, you inspire me to plant some bulbs before it's too cold!!


  3. Always fun to see where the garden pleasures are created. I love potting soil, bulbs, and now its almost time to dig up the dahlia tubers (in the cold always).
    - Joy

  4. there is always a table waiting to be filled. i have one too. it can be cleaned everyday, but there is always somebody that starts to fill it.....

  5. If there is a table, then there HAS to be stuff on it! Yours is perfectly situated, as you said, for when you come home and need to put down your gardening goodies. Ann

  6. Having some place to put the mess is better than having it scattered all over. And just think of the beauty that will be created through this mess - new roses!

  7. Everybody needs a catch-all place ... mine is at the end of my kitchen counter. Guess I should show that next week.

  8. Is creative chaos fun! You should see my craft room--and it is just a few months old. Happy results will come from the chaos. -:)

  9. The stuff has to be somewhere. ;-)

    Du to renovation my "stuff" (mostly shoes today) is in the hallway. It's my plan for today to clean all the shoes before putting them back. It's nice weather though ...


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